Social Responsibility

Respect for the people

WIND Hellas recognizes that telecommunications play a major part in the modern family's lives.

We understand that our daily activities have an impact at a financial, working, environmental and social level and have incorporated them into a multifaceted Corporate Responsibility strategy.


We are concerned that our Corporate Responsibility should reflect our understanding of the institutional, natural and cultural environment, as well as the manner in which we set up our business and social goals.


The primary objective of our Corporate Responsibility strategy is to link our Company’s operations, products and services with our commitment for a better society and a cleaner environment.

“IN ACTION” Corporate Responsibility Programme

Our IN ACTION Corporate Responsibility Programme is at the core of our business strategy. It contributes to a better future society and a cleaner natural environment, where our children will be able to demand their right to participate.

WIND HELLAS is developing actions on this basis to focus on the environment, society, the market and employees.

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