Responsible use of Mobile Phones

Communicate responsibly!

Communicate responsibly!

Safeguarding our Personal Data

We communicate over mobile phone and organize our communication by storing useful information, e.g. directory contacts, meeting agenda, personal messages and photos, etc.

Mobile phones, like personal computers, are susceptible to illegal software and viruses. We have to be particularly cautious as users since the safety of our mobile phone use is our own responsibility.

Viruses can only enter our device if an unknown application is personally installed by the user, with or without the assistance of others.

Simple Steps for Safe Communication:

  • Deactivate Bluetooth when you are not using it.
  • Do not accept messages from unknown Bluetooth users.
  • Do not install sis files on your mobile phone or unknown applications and files sent to you via Bluetooth, MMS or e-mail. The WIND network does not permit transmission of sis files.
  • Do not store files or applications from unknown internet pages or WAP. All WIND PLUS services have been checked and are safe to use. You can surf the entire internet via your mobile phone without fear, by taking all the necessary precautions.
  • Do not forget that your mobile phone is a personal device that you should control completely. We suggest that you do not lend it to others or let them use it when you are not present.
  • Delete links to older devices you are no longer using.
  • Restore to the factory settings if you suspect that a virus has entered your phone.
  • Choose a difficult PIN, change it often and never deactivate it.

Personal Data Safety for WIND Customers

WIND Hellas informs you that its network safety infrastructure is based on ISO 27001. An integrated secure environment for the personal data of all WIND Hellas subscribers is the result of secure information and telecommunication systems design. This implies a continuous review of these systems and tests for weaknesses.

WIND Hellas’s Information Security Division assures the secrecy and confidentiality of subscriber communications and personal data. It closely cooperates with the independent Hellenic Authority for Communication Security and Privacy (ADAE).

We protect the confidentiality of our subscribers’ communications and personal data in compliance with the relevant Greek legislation and based on our moral commitment to our subscribers.