The mobile phone is not a toy

Correct use of the mobile phone

Useful tips to avoid risks!

Everything you need to know about how to use your mobile phone correctly!

Your mobile is only for you!

  • Do not give your mobile phone number to strangers and especially do not publicise it in chat rooms etc
  • Keep your friends’ details secret.
  • Never give someone’s mobile phone number to other people without his/her consent
  • Do not keep your mobile phone in a highly visible location when you are on the street so as not to provoke reaction
  • Create a difficult PIN number, keep it secret, and update it regularly

Be prudent when you use your mobile phone!

  • Before you take a photo or shoot a video of another person ask for his/her permission
  • If you receive any SMS, video or photos that could insult any person you do or do not know, do not forward them to anyone
  • It is illegal to disclose personal moments about a person without his/her consent
  • Promptly inform your parents and/or teachers.

Don't get upset... talk to someone you trust.

If you receive any SMS that may be annoying or bothering you in any way do not reply but show their content to your parents and/or teachers so that, in the event that it is serious, they can intervene to assist you

Keep your text messages under control!

  • Do not reply to SMS text messages or photos from unknown senders
  • Control over the SMS text messages you receive and send via Bluetooth is in your hands
  • Do not forward any material that can be illegal or create problems for someone
  • Do not forward any material that can be illegal or create problems for someone

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