Not every @ is a toy!

Sound use of the Internet

Surf according to the rules!

Because it is on the Internet it doesn’t mean that it is reliable and real! It is therefore wise to follow some useful tips to safety navigate the Internet according to the rules!

  • YYou should always evaluate the content you find on the Internet. If the source of the content or the site owner is not official then you shouldn’t trust the material; and
  • People you meet over the internet aren’t your real friends so don’t arrange meetings with them.

Do not disclose any personal details (address, telephone number, age, etc)

  • Be sure that your personal details are secure and that you have control over their access when surfing on the internet; and
  • The same also applies to your friends and family. You should not disclose or send their personal details to any person without their prior consent.

Do not accept harassment, whether it is online or offline.

  • If you come across anything that might bother you or place you in a difficult situation, don’t hide it but inform your parents and/or teachers and ask for their advice so that you can deal with it together;
  • There are ways to report and avoid anything that disturbs you on the internet;
  • Don’t download or forward illegal material (photos, video, music)

Don’t forget, you are not anonymous on the internet! Someone can trace you at any moment!

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