Advise your children about their mobile phone

Everything that your child should know

  • The mobile phone is a personal device. The child should understand the responsibility of owning this device and never give it to strangers.
  • The PIN code for the SIM card is strictly personal and the child should never disclose it to anyone.
  • Ask your child to not use the Bluetooth, except for limited cases to communicate with friends and to always have it deactivated when not in use. Also stress that the child should never accept any messages from unknown users via Bluetooth.
  • Recommend that your child does not answer calls from unknown or concealed numbers, and to not exchange text messages or any other content with strangers.
  • Advise your child that the mobile phone camera should be used with extreme caution! You should stress that it is not permitted to photograph or video record other people without their consent.
  • You should inform your child about the existence of premium charge numbers or contract the Customer Service Department and activate the service to block calls to premium charge numbers or access to applications that are exclusively intended for adults.

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