Inappropriate material on the internet or the mobile phone

Inappropriate material on the Internet

Because anything can happen!

Always be calm and prepared to soundly advise your children!

  • Avoid overreacting so that the child feels comfortable and continues to talk to you about those types of incidents in the future;
  • Inform the child that it is not his/her mistake;
  • Delete, with your child, any traces of inappropriate material including all references from the computer memory, the browser history or the mobile phone’s memory card;
  • Talk to your child about ways to avoid such incidents in the future. Suggest the use of child-friendly browsers and search engines and delete emails from people they do not know;
  • If your child is exposed to bullying material suggest that she/he ignores it and excludes the sender of such annoying or bullying messages. It is important that you encourage the child to talk about what happened and to report the incident to the Police or the Cyber Crime Prosecution Unit; and
  • It is very important that you listen carefully to your child and give him/her the time to express feelings that may have been caused by bullying and assure your child that you are close to them and s/he can feel safe.

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