Quality of Services

High quality.

Services of high quality.

WIND is committed to provide services of high quality and therefore implements a series of activities for the systematic control, monitoring and improvement of the provided services, which, among others, include:

  • Monitoring and controlling the quality of the network
    WIND monitors on a continuous basis the quality of the network and the core service of voice using a specific set of Network Quality Indicators, which include the geographical and population coverage, network availability, call success rate (percentage of the successful calls in relation to the total calls made per geographical area), voice quality, etc. For broadband services, Wind monitors also continuously the quality of the network in all the geographical areas with population coverage measuring the data transfer speed as well as the interconnection capacity.
  • Testing of Value Added Services before launch (user acceptance tests)
    All value added services offered by WIND, are previously tested by specialized and trained personnel, who control the services simulating the end user. Tests before launch are performed in order to assure that the service is compliant with the technical specifications and the set quality requirements.
  • Continuous monitoring and control of value added services (quality control)
    WIND implements a specific quality control program for the value added services offered to customers. Quality controls include indicative:
    • the control of the functionality performance of the service
    • the control of the content performance of the service
    while the respective customer complaints are taken into account.
  • Billing verification
    WIND in order to assure the accuracy of the call charges to customers uses special technical equipment for making specific test calls simulating the end user. These test calls are used to control the completeness and correctness of the initial call data as well as the accuracy of the relevant charges. The scenario of the test calls include the control of most types of calls and tariff plans provided by WIND and all categories of customers. The results of the tests are valuable input for the continuous improvement of the company’s calls’ rating and billing systems.
  • Monitoring of the quality of services provided through the WIND Stores sales network
    WIND having as a target to provide services and products of high quality through the WIND Stores retail chain, monitors the performance of the provided services with various methods, which include mystery shopping surveys, customer satisfaction surveys, etc. After the analysis of the results, specific actions for the improvement of the provided services are planned and implemented.
  • Monitoring of the services provided through the call center
    WIND Customer Service Call Center serves thousands of customers on a daily basis and therefore monitoring the quality of the services provided is a high priority. Using specific technical equipment and quality indicators, WIND continuously monitors the efficiency and effectiveness of the services provided to the customers through the call center. For the continuous improvement of our customer service practices, we installed an automated system that allows the measurement of the quality of service provided by our call centre.
    After the analysis of the results, specific actions for the improvement of service are implemented.

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