Integrated Quality and Environmental Management System

High quality

Certified quality policy!

At WIND, we implement an Integrated Quality and Environmental Management System in all of our operations, certified according to the requirements of the international Quality Management Standard ISO 9001 since June 2001 (Certificate Registration No 04 100 011460), and the international Quality Management Standard ISO14001 since 2009 (Certificate Registration No 44 104 090 360).

Our ceritification with ISO 9001 since 2001 is proof of our commitment to high quality customer service.

The implementation field of the above certifications includes:

  • The design, development, provision and support of integrated telecommunications products and services (mobile and fixed telephony, data, internet and boradband), to coprorate and private clients,
  • The design, development, operation, support and maintenance of telecommunications and data infrastructure, networks, systems and applications,
  • The design, development, monitoring, control and support of the WIND stores chain, and


  • The retail of mobile, fixed telephony and internet services (WIND mobile, Q prepaid, WIND fixed line telephony and internet),
  • The retail of mobile and fixed telephony consumer equipment and accessories,
  • The repair of mobile telephony devices, and
  • After sales customer support for coprorate and private clients.

Furthermore, in the framework of the company strategy for continuous development and improvement of its retail channel, in 2009, the Wind Stores were certified for all their operations according to the international standards for Quality and Environmental Management, ISO9001 and ISO14001 respectively.

ISO 9001 certification is proof that our company follows a certified quality policy and confirms that all of our functions, including services offered at WIND stores, are implemented according to certified processes, by trained personnel, with an emphasis in customer satisfaction.

At the same time, our operations take into account the need for environmental protection.

For more information about our efforts, read about our policies concerning Social Responsibility and Environmental Protection.

Following our yearly inspection by an independent body, we were recertified in April 2017 with the new release of the international standard EN ISO 9001:2015 and in June 2015 with the DIN EN ISO14001:2009 international Quality Management Standard, for our envrionmental policy.

The certification of the Quality and Environmental Management System was realized by TUV Hellas, member of the German Organization of Inspection and Certification TÜV NORD Group (ex RWTÜV), operating in Greece since 1987.

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