Business Continuity Management System

Business Continuity Management System - Certification Business Continuity Management

Certified Business Continuity Management policy!

At WIND, we implement an Integrated Business Continuity Management System in all of our critical operations, certified according to the requirements of the international Societal Security-Business Continuity Management Systems-Requirements ISO 22301 (Certificate Registration No 054 17 0002).

Our certification with ISO 22301 is proof of our commitment to provide our customers continuously with critical services.

The implementation field of the above certifications includes:

  • The design, development, provision and support of integrated telecommunications products and services (mobile and fixed telephony, data, internet and boradband), to coprorate and private clients, and
  • The design, development, operation, support and maintenance of telecommunications and data infrastructure, networks, systems and applications

ISO 22301 certification is proof that our company follows a certified Business Continuity Management policy and confirms that it has set and prioritize critical functions, activities, infrastructure, services, and resources that may at any moment to activate. Additionally, it has set and assesses any operational risks and takes all necessary measures to mitigate any impact on day-to-day operations, applying strategies and solutions that enhance the resilience of the organization. At the same time develops, implements, tests, maintains and continually monitors these business continuity Plans, Crisis Management and Communication.

The primary objective of the applied system is:

  • To preserve the safety of our employees, partners, and customers.
  • To preserve the corporate image and reputation of WIND.
  • To safeguard the interests of all parties and entities affected by the operation of WIND.
  • To protect those activities that generates value and our ability to provide uninterrupted services and our products.
  • To ensure full compliance of WIND with the legal, regulatory and statutory obligations set by the relative regulatory authorities.

The certification was realized by TUV Hellas, member of the German Organization of Inspection and Certification TÜV NORD Group (ex RWTÜV), operating in Greece since 1987.