Where to run

Useful tips for aspiring runners!

Find the right place
The major advantage of running is that it is possible to exercise anywhere. However, this does not mean that there no places better than others. So, to begin with, it is wise to chose a stadium or a park, so you won't have to be concerned about your safety and you can focus on your running. In addition, in a stadium and in most parks, the soil is level and you will not encounter much difficulty, e.g. by having to climb up hills, while it is likely to meet other runners and your workouts can become more interesting. Finally, in these places there are usually drinking water fountains and benches, for the necessary stretching after the workout.

Running on the road
On November 13, you will have the opportunity, in the 5 km and 10 km races of the Athens Classic Marathon sponsored by WIND, to run in the car-free central city streets. However, since this is not possible on a daily basis and often there is no place for running other than the road, you should be very careful. Always run against the flow of traffic, even if there is enough space on the sidewalk, so as to control the movement of cars. Do not wear headphones or at least keep the music volume down, so you will be able to perceive what happens around you. Finally, if you run at night, you should wear special clothes or accessories with reflective markings.

The right time of day
Choose to go running at a time of day you have free time, in order to enjoy it more, or when you are not tired. Of course, sometimes running works as a stress reliever, so if you feel down, 30 minutes of running can release the tension and fill you up with energy! In any case, avoid the midday hours, especially during the summer months and always make sure you run at least three hours after you have had your main meal.

Not just anywhere
The best soil for running is short grass, which unfortunately is seldom "available". For this reason, if you do not have this option, try to find routes with soft and smooth soil. The flexible surface of stadiums (tartan) is a good choice, as well as the tarmac. However, if you intend to run regularly, do not run on them all the time, as they will quickly make your feet tired, due to their reduced ability to absorb vibrations. It would also be good, until you get strong enough, to avoid soils with a strong relief (potholes, large rocks, water-worn soil), due to the risk of injuries (e.g. sprains).

Make it a team sport
Do you want to do your workout and also spend some time with your friends? You can combine both, as long as your friends also want to do some exercise. Meet with your friends and take a walk on the mountain, in a park or even in the city, at a strong pace for at least 40 minutes. Even walking, as long as it is continuous and has a stable and rapid pace, is a good way to exercise so it will be as if you had not missed your workout. Gradually begin to run for a few minutes each time and you will soon become a good group of runners.

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