When to run

Useful tips for aspiring runners!

The right time of day
Choose to go running at a time of day you have free time, in order to enjoy it more, or when you are not tired. Of course, sometimes running works as a stress reliever, so if you feel down, 30 minutes of running can release the tension and fill you up with energy! In any case, avoid the midday hours, especially during the summer months and always make sure you run at least three hours after you have had your main meal.

Running time
Now that the weather is cold, this does not mean that you have to dress like an onion when running. In case you have no special, technical shirt, it is better to wear an all-cotton t-shirt and a sweatshirt. Do not worry if you are feeling a little cold at first, after a while you will have warmed up and feel at ease. Just take care not to stay exposed for a long time in sweaty clothes after you stop running.

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