The health of Greeks

Ένας αγώνας για όλους

A study conducted during the last trimester, within a community statistical program for the member-states of the European Union, yielded mixed results for the health of Greeks. The National Health Survey yielded both negative and positive results on our health and nutritional habits, with some serious issues to consider.

The most important positive outcome is that over 75% of Greeks say they have good health (with 80% of men and 70% of women stating so), over 70% walk systematically at least three times a week, while approximately 60% state that they consume fruits and vegetables on a daily basis.

Now, as regards bodily weight, things are not so good, as 42.4% of the sample may be normal and 1.8% underweight, but 38.5% are overweight and 17.3% obese, which means that about 60% of all respondents have increased bodily weight, which is related both with the lack of exercise and with the adoption of poor nutritional habits.

Moreover, 39.75% said they are facing a chronic health problem or a chronic condition, with this percentage significantly higher for those over 65 years.
As regards exercise, four out of ten stated that they walk every day for at least 10 minutes at a time for recreation, entertainment, exercise or due to their work, while seven out of ten stated that they walk at least three times a week, which is encouraging, since exercise is the best way to safeguard our health.

Certainly the results of the National Health Survey are not disappointing, however the absence of general sporting background in our country is the main reason not only for poor health, but also for poor nutritional habits. In similar surveys in countries where the majority of the population exercises regularly, health problems, especially those related to the heart and circulatory system, are very rare, while the rates of overweight people are much smaller, since exercise is most often combined with healthy nutrition.

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