Running for staying forever young

Ένας αγώνας για όλους

Another study, this time in Ontario, Canada, came to add another item to the list of benefits of aerobic exercise for our health. Specifically, researchers at McMaster University in Canada, headed by Professor Dr. Mark Tarnopolsky, professor of pediatrics and medicine, after years of research on mice, concluded that systematic running significantly reduces the rate of aging!

The researchers put mice genetically engineered to age faster, to run three times a week on a treadmill for a period of five months and then compared their health status with that of normal mice, as well as other genetically engineered mice not performing any form of exercise.

The results were impressive, as the mice that “exercised”, despite the fact that they were genetically engineered to age faster, showed younger, which was also confirmed by their health status, while those that did not exercise were aged and physically inactive, graying and less fertile, while they were also becoming socially isolated. In addition, mice that “exercised” had significant differences in brain and muscle atrophy over time (they had significantly less atrophy compared to those that did not run), leading the researchers to try to pinpoint the exact method of operation of the molecular mechanisms.

Dr. Tarnopolsky explained that other studies that tried to correlate the prevention of aging with other factors, such as correct nutrition and reduced calorific intake, had limited success compared to their own study. He further argued that the potential benefits of nutritional supplements and other means are not comparable with those of actual exercise as regards the delay of aging.
So, running is of even greater value according to the scientific community because, when done systematically, it increases not only the length but also the quality of life.

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