Run and combat depression

Ένας αγώνας για όλους

According to experts, depression is a disease of the future in modern societies and various studies have begun to seek more effective ways to treat it. Pretty much, we all know that running and exercise in general can act positively against depression and other psychosomatic/psychiatric illnesses, this time, however, this is scientifically documented.

According to a research study conducted by a team of researchers led by Dr. James Blumenthal of Duke University in the USA, regular exercise can be as effective as the most powerful antidepressants.

202 people with depression of age 40 and older participated in the study, divided into 4 groups. Subjects in the first group were asked to exercise outdoors, in group or individual programs. Those in the second group, were asked to follow exercise programs alone at home, while the subjects of the third and fourth group were administered regularly strong antidepressants and non-drastic drugs (placebo), respectively.

The results were surprising, because after 4 months, about 50% of the subjects in the group that followed a program of group or individual exercise outdoors showed no longer signs of depression, a rate similar to that of the group that received strong antidepressants. The results of the group that exercised at home were also positive (40% of the subjects did not meet criteria for depression), while for the placebo group, this rate was only 30%.

Although the exact mechanism in which exercise affects mental health in humans has not yet been determined, it is now assumed that it has a positive effect, even in chronic mental illness. Perhaps the answer is easier than we can imagine.
Really, how many times did you happen to be in a better mood after a workout?

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