Just 15 minutes in exchange for three years

Ένας αγώνας για όλους

A recent research by the National Health Research Institutes of Taiwan, published in the medical journal “The Lancet”, emphasizes once again the benefits of exercise for all.

After monitoring 416,000 people for 13 years and a detailed analysis of their health and physical activities in everyday life, the researchers, led by professor Chi Pang Wen, reached the conclusion that just 15 minutes of daily physical exercise, such as walking and running, can “reward” with three extra years of life!

As a matter of fact, the researchers argue that the longer the duration of exercise, the greater its benefits, estimating that for every extra 15 minutes of exercise, the risk of death from any cause, such as cancers, cardiovascular diseases and other health problems, is reduced by 4%.
“Death is surely inevitable, but it is certain that we can delay it,” according to the researchers, who also argued that it is the first time a study yields specific numbers reflecting the benefits of exercise in life span.

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