Getting Started With Your Broadband



Set up your router

Step 1

Set the device upright using the base included in the package. Using the device without using the base may cause reduced performance or damage it.

Step 2

Connect the one end of a phone cable (gray) to a free telephone jack and the other end to the splitter’s "LINE" port.

Step 3

In the splitter's “PHONE” socket, connect your telephone device (or the ISDN Network Terminal in the case of an ISDN line) using the phone cable of the device.

Step 4

Connect the one end of a phone cable (gray) to the Router's "DSL" port (removing the packing material) and the other end to the splitter’s "MODEM" port.

Step 5

If you only connect wirelessly via tablet, smartphone, etc., proceed to Step 6. Connect one end of the yellow Ethernet cable to the Ethernet port on the back or side of your computer and the other end to one of the 4 Ethernet ports (yellow) of the Router.

Step 6

Connect the power adapter with the Router’s "POWER" port and the power outlet. Never use a power adapter other than the one contained in the package.
The connection will be the following:

Step 7

Press the button on the side of the Router (On / Off) to open it.

Step 8

After a few seconds, check the lights in the display panel.
The "power supply" indicator on the display panel will be green and solid, one of the 4 numbered displays (if you are using a wired connection), the computer / Router connection will be green, the -VDSL connection will be green and fixed, - Internet access - will be green and the "active wireless network" indicator will be green.

If the indicators are different, you may need to set up the router.

You’re now surfing the Internet!


Device manual Declaration of conformity Firmware update (.zip)


For technical support, call at 1212 if you are a retail customer
or at 800 5001277 if you are a business customer.