Mobile Internet Daily

Mobile Internet whenever you need it!

Now, with Mobile Internet Daily and only with €1.01 per day, you can have Internet on your phone whenever you need it!.
Το 1.01€ Also, get 20 ΜΒ per day and browse your favorite websites, check your e-mails, use your favorite applications and stay in touch with your friends.

Enjoy the online experience on your phone with Mobile Internet Daily!

Mobile Internet
Charge €1.01/ 20ΜΒ (per day of use)
Inclusive MBs 20
Charge after consumption of inclusive MBs €1.01/ 20ΜΒ (per ΚΒ)

The above prices include VAT 23%.
Mobile Internet Daily is only for national/domestic usage.

Whether you are a prepaid or contract subscriber, from now on you have only one charge for Mobile Internet; Mobile Internet Daily!

Benefits of Mobile Internet Daily:

  • Only one charge for Mobile Internet, up to date charge of Mobile Internet based on the current pricelist.
  • Absolute control of your bill, as you get charged only when you are surfing the Internet. You are notified on your usage by SMS the very next day.
  • When accessing the Internet on your phone, Mobile Internet Daily is activated by default and you have 20MB of use per day. All prepaid subscribers (F2G, WIND CARD to ALL, Q Card), WIND Kartosyndesi and WIND to ALL (without embedded monthly data allowance), and contractual subscribers (consumer and corporate) are eligible.
  • For all prepaid users (F2G, WIND CARD to ALL, Q Card) as well as WIND Kartosyndesi and WIND to ALL subscribers (without embedded monthly data allowance), the charge of €1.01 is valid until 00:00 (on the same day) and for contractual subscribers until 04:00a.m. (of the next day).
  • In the event that you exceed the 20MB data usage limit, you can still get online with just 1.01€, with which you get another 20MB of data.
  • If you are a prepaid (F2G, WIND CARD to ALL, Q Card), WIND Kartosyndesi and WIND to ALL (without embedded monthly data allowance) subscriber, you will be notified via SMS when you reach the 20MB daily usage limit.
  • All prepaid and postpaid subscribers receive an informative SMS, on the next day of their Mobile Internet Daily usage.

Hint: 20 MB are more than enough for one day.

Furthermore, Mobile Internet Daily is perfect for infrequent use of Internet on your phone, e.g. Internet access, Google search, Facebook & Twitter usage, etc. In most cases and since you are using a mobile device, 20MB are more than enough for most users.

A few examples:

  • If you use the Internet for one day and do not exceed 20MB then you will be charged only €1.01
  • If you use the Internet for 3 days and each day of use you do not reach 20MB limit, then you will be charged only €3, i.e. only 1.01€ per day of use.
  • If you exceed the 20MB data usage, your data usage will be automatically renewed so as to offer you 20MB for €1.01.

Important notice

If you are using a Smartphone, in some cases, due to the device manufacturer's preinstalled applications, many devices gain automatic access to the Internet with no warning. In those cases, and if you are using the Internet frequently, it is recommended that you activate the Mobile Internet services that suit you.

Mobile Internet service is activated to all tariffs by default without free embedded data usage or data bundle activated. If you wish to deactivate Mobile Internet service please call Customer Service Department at 1231, free of charge.