myQ App

1GB + 1000’

Charged per second,
from the first second

Win Bonus with every top-up and have your calls charged per second!

Q rewards you with bonus, whichever way you chose to top up. Furthermore, calls are charged per second, from the first second, with no minimum call duration!

500MB mobile internet +1000' of talk time to Q

Online top-up Bonus

Now Q rewards you with a 524MB* Bonus for your first online top-up, via credit, debit or prepaid card or PayPal, each month!

For the month's first online top-up of €10 or more, through www.myq.gr or myQ App you win.

Top up now

Bonus at all WIND stores

Visit a WIND store and get an extra 524MB Bonus with the month's first top-up of €10 or more* Now you can top up quickly and easily with as much talk time as you wish at WIND stores, by choosing talk time from €6 up to €50.

Scratch card & e-voucher top-up Bonus

Now Q rewards you for the first top-up of every month, using a scratch card or e-voucher! With a monthly top-up of €10 you win:

  • 500MB** mobile internet &
  • 1000' of talk time towards all of Q

Top up now online

  1. The free minutes of the offer are consumed per second from the first second of the call.
  2. * The 524MB Bonus is only granted for online top-ups (through credit, debit or prepaid card or PayPal) and top-ups through WIND stores.
  3. ** The bonus for top-ups using a scratch card or e-voucher is 500MB, even when completed online or through the myQ App.
  4. The available top-up values include VAT and 12% prepaid mobile phone tax. The prepaid mobile phone tax is deducted automatically from your balance during top-up.
  5. The Bonus minutes have a duration of 30 days.
  6. Do you want to see how much Bonus you have left? Text "ΥΠ" to 12012, free of charge.
  7. Prices include VAT.