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Pick your favorite way to top up, so you can communicate in your own terms and win!

Top up your talk time by picking the way that suits you!

If you prefer to top up your talk time offline, Q makes sure you get a number of different ways for your own convenience. Also, you get a bonus!

Top up your talk time and win a bonus at all WIND stores

Visit a WIND store and get a 1GB & 1000’ towards Q with your first top-up of €10+ each month. Now you can top up as much as you like, easily and quickly at WIND stores, by choosing an amount between €6 and €50.

Valid for the first top-up of €10+ each month, through a WIND store.

Top up via Piraeus Bank

Top up quickly and easily in one of the channels provided by Piraeus Bank. More specifically from:

  • Piraeus Bank ΑΤΜ
  • Winbank Web Banking
  • Winbank Phone Banking
  • Winbank SMS Banking
  • Winbank Mobile App
  • Winbank Mobile Banking
  • Easypay Automatic Transaction Machines

Top-up cards

Available top-up cards come in values of €10 και €15. All top-up cards can be purchased at newsstands and small points of sale.
IMPORTANT: All cards include a 12% Prepaid Mobile Phone Tax and VAT.

1229 - Q third person top-up

Using the number "1229 - Q third person top-up" you can top up a Q friend's talk time, if they have run out, and vice versa. That is, your friend can give you the talk time you need from their own Q connection.

To top up a friend, call 1229 on your mobile, free of charge, and follow the instructions. All you need is a top-up card.

If, on the other hand, it's you who has run out of talk time, ask a friend to top you up with a little, or a lot, of extra time. Tell them to call 699 555 1229 from any fixed line or a mobile (even from another network), on their own charge.

  1. The bonus minutes last for 30 whole days.
  2. Do you want to see how much bonus you have left? Text "ΥΠ" to 12012, free of charge.
  3. Prices include VAT.
  4. *The 524MB Βonus is only granted for online top-ups (through credit, debit or prepaid card or PayPal) and top-ups through WIND stores .