WIND Business Marketplace

All Cloud services on your screen!

WIND brings you the most modern online environment that will lift your business to the Cloud!

Connect now to the new WIND Business Marketplace and take advantage of the benefits of the WIND Business Cloud services. With the new marketplace you have control, through the activation, update and total management of all cloud services, simply and Online!!

All cloud services are just a click away

The smart search tools will help you find immediately anything you are looking for. The complete presentation of the features and abilities, as well as the necessary support material, will help you combine the WIND Business Cloud services and:

  • Greatly increase the productivity of your business
  • Drastically lower operational cost
  • Promote your business online!

Service management is achieved through a modern online environment, turning the activation of a business Microsoft Exchange E-mail or your computer's Antivirus protection or even the registration of your business' Domain Name .gr into a pleasant experience, even for users with no specialized knowledge.

What are the benefits?

  • Implementation speed: Services are activated as soon as you decide
  • Ease of use: Online service management through a modern and versatile environment
  • Flexibility: Use the services you need, pay only for them and if your needs change, change your subscription immediately
  • Total control: Activation, administration and service support, all through the new Marketplace of WIND

How can I access the new Marketplace?

Connect now to WIND Business Marketplace and bring all the tools of the modern business to the screen of your PC, tablet or smartphone!

Subscribe to Business Double Play  or Business Double Play Basic  and gain full access to WIND's Business Marketplace.

For more information

  • Fill in the expression of interest form and one of our representatives will soon contact you
  • Visit a WIND store
  • Contact the Corporate Sales Department of WIND by calling 1277 free of charge from a WIND corporate mobile or from a fixed phone at 800 500 1277