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All types of communication, wherever you are, just a click away

Now you can enjoy truly advances services for enhanced productivity, reliability and security from wherever you are

WIND has partnered with Micrsoft to introduced its new Cloud Business Communication Services. Exclusively from WIND, with each Business Double Play connection, you can now gain control of your corporate communication free of charge using Microsoft Exchange Server and Microsoft Outlook

Access to e-mail, calendar and contacts from any device, from anywhere and at anytime:

  • Security and reliability of Microsoft services (anti-spam & anti-virus)
  • Online services management, using a modern and easy-to-use user interface
  • Access via Outlook Web Access so you can have a familiar access tool for your mail, wherever you are
  • Push Active Sync feature, so you can have everything also from your smartphone
  • Access to shared contacts and calendar so you can monitor the availability of your colleagues from everywhere (shared contacts & calendar)
  • Creation and assignment of tasks (shared task manager)
  • Scheduling of meetings (group scheduling)
  • Flexibility in customising your own package

Internet presence

  • All of today's tools for your corporate website provided by Microsoft's IIS platform
  • Online services management, using a modern and easy-to-use user interface
  • Flexibility in customising your own package
  • Online domain nameregistration using the platform

For more information

  • Visit a WIND store
  • Contact the Corporate Sales Department of WIND by calling 1277 free of charge from a WIND corporate mobile or from a fixed phone at 800 500 1277

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