E-bike service

E-bike service

Fleet management new features for bikes  small - medium - large motor capacity offers ‘’WIND Business Fleet Management’’ service.

The new feature applies to companies and businesses that maintain fleet of bicycles and want to enjoy all the benefits of Business Fleet Management service.

Ideal solution for:

  • Courier companies
  • Food delivery 
  •  Newspaper delivery
  • Technical support companies with fleet of bicycle
  • Public sector

System / Device features

  • Access from  any PC, Tablet PC, Smartphone or Notebook
  • Management, Tracking  and safety of the bike in real time
  • Analysis and statistics services  distributions and attitudes
  • Built-in alarm (siren, notifications SMS / GPRS, wireless remote control)
  • Notification in case of accident
  • Water resistant device
  • Low battery consumption
  • Easy installation

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