Internet & e-mail from BlackBerry

Κινητό & Internet με τον πιο απλό τρόπο!

Stay in control, wherever you are!

BlackBerry Internet Solution™ offers:

  • Automatic forwarding of messages from up to 10 of your existing e-mail accounts (personal and / or business) that will be integrated automatically in your BlackBerry device
  • Ability to read attachments such as Microsoft® Word, Excel, Power Point, Adobe PDF, Jpeg etc

Instant Messaging

  • Easy access to the most popular Instant Messaging services (Yahoo!® Messenger & Google Talk™) via separate icons.

Access the Internet and your company's apps, quickly and easily

Your organizer in your phone

  • Your contacts
  • Your calendar
  • Your to do lists
  • The option to automatically update all entries

All the features of an advanced phone:

  • Send and receive voice calls
  • Send and receive SMS and MMS

Stay in control, wherever you are!

Take advantage of the unique features provided by WIND's BlackBerry solutions:

  • Stay mobile without fearing of missing out on anything important.
  • Book all your appointments from ypur mobile phone.
  • Don't stay late at your office, waiting for an e-mail to arrive.
  • Take advantage of the time you spend waiting at an airport or in a taxi or train, and answer your e-mails tight away.
  • Stay in control of your commuinication and contacts, even when you are abroad.

B I S (BlackBerry Internet Solution)
B E S (BlackBerry Enterprise Solution)
  • To subscribe to the BIS solution you will need to be a subscriber in anyone of WIND’s commercial available voice contract tariff plans. Not available for WIND to ALL.
  • Subscribe to one of the price plans of the BIS service by filling in the relevant application.
  • Purchase from a BlackBerry® smartphone from WIND.
  • BIS service might not be able to integrate some e-mail accounts. Check with your e-mail server (ISP) if the integration of your e-mail is feasible.