Mobile Broadband for Professionals and Businesses

Για σένα που δουλεύεις εκτός!

Stay connected 24/7!

Stay connected to the internet, wherever you are, 24/7:

  • Access your personal or corporate e-mail account
  • Access your corporate network and its facilities(e.g. VPN, Outlook, calendar, etc.)
  • Send and receive SMS to/from one or multiple accounts, simultaneously

Why WIND Mobile Broadband?

  • Check your balance, any time you like, by sending a free SMS from your computer.
  • Surf with no worries! WIND informs you, via a free SMS, when your program's free MBs are close to be depleted. If you don't choose an add-on bundle, service is automatically suspended until the month's end, and you will not be billed any extra charges above the tariff of your choice.
  • If you consume all your MBs and still want to access the internet, you are able to activate, instantaneously and as many times as you like, an add-on bundle.

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