Corporate VPN Add On

Unlimited intra-corporate communication between all of your company's mobile and fixed lines

Intra-corporate communication is now unlimited, from all company locations, to all company destinations, through both landlines (ISDN PRI or Business LLU/BRI) and company Mobiles.

What we offer

WIND's company clients enjoy Unlimited Communication from all its locations, e.g. headquarters and branches, to all itra-corporate destinations, through its PRI connection, Business LLU and company Mobiles.

Services offered:

  • Unlimited calls from all company landlines to all company Mobiles
  • Unlimited calls from all company Mobiles to all company landlines
  • Unlimited calls from all company landlines to all company landlines

What are the intra-corporate landlines and Mobiles>?

All lines belonging to the Business Telephony Solutions (PRI), Business Double Play, Business Telephony and Business Add On tariffs, as well as all activated company Mobiles .


Call us, free of charge, at 800 500 1277 and ask for a visit from one of our representatives.

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