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Business Telephony Solutions offers PRI connections, allowing you to directly connect your company’s call center (PABX) to the voice switched network of Wind. The service is addressed to large enterprises that use a call center of at least 30 lines and wish to reduce their telecommunications costs.

It is the most appropriate solution for:

  • Managing large volumes of incoming and outgoing calls.
  • Competitive prices, with lower tariffs.
  • Unlimited calls between company mobile and fixed lines.
  • Low charges to all destinations.
  • Excellent call quality, total security and the the reliability WIND guarantees.

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Business Telephony Solutions offer you not only low prices, but also:

  • 30 voice channels(1PRI) of simultaneous incoming or outgoing communication.
  • Direct connection to the client's call center (PBX).
  • TDM protocol, for excellent, lossless call quality, in contrast to other networks, which use VoIP, VoFR or VoATM.
  • Maintainance of already existing phone numbers, with a portability option for geographical numbers. WIND handles the cost and the procedure.
  • Offer of new direct dial-in numbers(DDI) from the spectrum of WIND's geographical numbers, according to the client's needs (up to 200CLIs).
  • Charge per second on all calls and a detailed invoice.
  • Provision of all ISDN additional services (CLIP, CLIR, CFU, etc).
  • 24x7 monitoring and technical support.
Technical Characteristics

One plan, three options!

Business Telephony Solutions is implemented through a permanent physical connection of the client's call center to the WIND network. Through this connection, you have the option to make all your calls, while having three connections options:

  • Through a copper wire
  • Wirelessly, through Point to Multipoint (LMDS) or Point to Point
  • Through a connection to the fiber-optic backbone network

Technical Characteristics:

  • Electric connections for providing 2048Κbit/s are compliant to the ITU-T G.703 recommendation
  • The frame for providing 2048Κbit/s is based on 64kbit/s channels, according to the G.703 και G.704 recommendations
  • Signalling is based on the ΙΤU-T Q.931 recommendation(Euro ISDN PRI)
Corporate VPN Add On

UNLIMITED INTRA-CORPORATE between ALL fixed & mobile company lines

Communication is now unlimited to all intra-corporate destinations, from anywhere the client is present, through a fixed connection (ISDN PRI or Business LLU/BRI) or company mobile phones.

What we offer:

WIND corporate clients enjoy Unlimited Communication form anywhere they are present, such as the company's head offices or branches, to all intra-corporate destinations, through their PRI connection, Business LLU or company mobiles.

Services offered:

  • Unlimited calls from all landlines to all company mobiles
  • Unlimited calls from all moibles to all company landlines
  • nlimited calls between all landlines, regardless of their physical presence

What are intracorporate landlines?

All WIND lines belonging to Business Telephony Solutions (PRI), Business Double Play, Business Telephony and Business Add On and the Mobiles activated by the client.

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Miscellaneous information

Useful information for the WIND corporate solutions

You have support for any issues you might face.

The trained specialists at WIND's business customer center offer you top quality support, including:

  • Advanced circuit monitoring tools
  • Equipment for the location and immediate solution of problems
  • Multipath routing
  • 24/7 network management
  • Fully manned NOC (Network Operation Center)

Support services are offered in the following ways:

  • Customer care call center (800 500 1277)
  • Technician's presence in the company's facilities. if required for the repairing the malfunction

How much does it cost?

Every solution is tailored to the customer's needs. Therefore, the final price will be the result of a study and according to the selected solution.

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