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Μόνιμα συνδεδεμένος!

Stay Permanently Conected!

WIND Business Internet Solutions provides permanent internet access by connecting your company to WIND’s network through a leased line with low cost and excellent quality of connection.

The service is addressed to businesses with a local area network (LAN) in need of reliable and cost-effective permanent access and presence on the internet with the guaranteed quality standards of Wind’s network. A local area network (LAN) and a router are required.


  • LAN access to the Internet
  • Permanent internet presence through web pages hosted in your Web server
  • Develop business activities online
  • Hish service availability and guaranteed bandwidth

Further information:


Business Internet Solutions offers you everything!

With the Business Internet Solutions, you enjoy low prices, as well as:

  • Bandwidth up to 10Gbps
  • Symmetrical upload/download bandwidth , e.g. 4096/4096Kbps, 8192/8192Kbps etc.
  • Guaranteed access speed, with a ratio of 1:1
  • Access circuit with the right interface for the connection to your local netowrk'e router.
  • Static IP Internet addresses for the connection of devices to the internet with a public internet address, connected to the LAN port of your local network router. The addresses are reserved for your exclusivce use and belong to subnets of 8, 16, 32, 64 addresses (More IPs available on request)
  • 24x7 monitoring and support
  • Optional service for Primary DNS and/or Secondary DNS for your domain names is available
Technical characteristics

Let us introduce you to the Business Internet Solutions!

The service allows the physical connection of your company's local area network (LAN) to the WIND network, allowing permanent access to the Internet.

The connection can be achieved through three different options:

  • Through copper wires
  • Wirelessly, throgh Point to Multipoint (LMDS) or Point to Point
  • Through a connection to the optic-fibre backbone network

Available connection types are: SDH or METRO-ETH

Miscellaneous information

All you need to know!

We are here for you!

The trained specialists at WIND's business customer center offer you top quality support, including:

  • Advanced circuit monitoring tools
  • Equipment for the location and immediate solution of problems
  • Multipath routing
  • 24/7 network management
  • Fully manned NOC (Network Operation Center)

Support services are offered in the following ways:

  • Customer care call center (800 500 1277)
  • Technician's presence in the company's facilities. if required for the repairing the malfunction

How much does it cost?

Every solution is tailored to the customer's needs. Therefore, the final price will be the result of a study and according to the selected solution.

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