Service Description

Affordable and Unlimited Communication

Business Telephony is tailored towards budget-conscious professionals and small businesses with increased telecommunication needs.


  • 2 voice channels covering your Telephony and Fax needs
  • Unlimited Local and Long Distance Calls
  • Unlimited communication between company mobile and fixed lines
  • 120 minutes of free airtime to national mobile networks and all international Zone 1 landlines
  • Assignment of additional telephone lines, according to your needs.
  • Option to add more talk time to mobile and international networks
  • Option to consume your free airtime through any line,
  • Option of porting your MSN numbers (up to 8 MSNs) free of charge
  • Free assignment of new numbers by WIND

Combine Mobile & Landline & Internet in 1 and take advantage of WIND's unique offer. Learn more here

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  • Visit a WIND store
  • Contact the WIND Corporate Sales Department at 1277 free from WIND corporate mobile or landline at 800 500 1277

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