Business Telephony Business Add On
Monthly fee 34.30€ 20.99€
Monthly fee combined with mobile plan 29.30€ 20.99€
Voice Channels 2 2
Local Calls Free of charge Free of charge
Calls to Mobiles and International Ζ1 landlines 120' Free of charge -
Calls to Company Mobiles* 3.01€/month
Free of charge
Free of charge

*Terms and conditions apply (see detailed pricelist)

Support line 800 500 1277

Airtime Bundle Free Minutes Destinations Monthly Fee
WIND 300 300΄ WIND / Q Mobiles 3.03€
WIND Business 120’ 120΄ All Greek mobiles and International Z1 landlines 7.06€
WIND Business 300’ 300΄ All Greek mobiles and International Z1 landlines 16.13€
WIND Business 500’ 500΄ All Greek mobiles and International Z1 landlines 24.19€
WIND Business 1000’ 1000΄ All Greek mobiles and International Z1 landlines 45.36€
WIND Business 2000’ 2000΄ All Greek mobiles and International Z1 landlines 80.65€

Learn more about Airtime Bundles here

International Calls Calls to landlines Calls to mobiles
Ζone 1 0.181€/minute 0.350€/minute
Ζone 1A 0.181€/minute 3.720€/minute
Ζone 2 0.295€/minute 0.399€/minute
Ζone 3 0.729€/minute 0.729€/minute
Ζone 4 0.804€/minute 0.804€/minute
Ζone 5 1.190€/minute 1.190€/minute
Ζone 6 1.711€/minute 1.711€/minute

All prices include VAT 24%

  • International calls and calls to mobiles are charged per minute. Minimum call duration is 1 minute
  • At least one existing Business Telephony basic service is required for the activation of the Business Add On service
  • Minimum term of contract is 12 months

Combine Mobile & Landline & Internet in 1 and take advantage of WIND's unique offer.

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For more information on the rates charged for other calls and services, see the detailed price list τον other calls price list and the international premium rate price list (price lists do not include current offers).

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