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2 Voice channels

Covering your Telephony needs (ISDN)

Local and long distance calls

Free calls to company mobiles

Free minutes to national mobiles and international Zone 1 landlines
Flexible airtime bundles

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Business Add On
2 extra voice channels with unlimited local, long distance and intra-company calls with option to  have even more voice channels Add On added
Additional Benefits

For WIND Mobile business subscribers 10% discount per month on Fixed and Mobile monthly fees - LEARN MORE


If you have received an equipment from WIND, you don’t need to make any settings. If you use any other equipment, please follow the settings below. For some services, it is mandatory to have an equipment from WIND.


  • Combine Mobile, Landline & Internet and take advantage of WIND’s unique offer.
  • Α complete list of calling features in detail.
  • Calls to non geographical numbers are not included on free call minutes for local and long-distance calls
  • Prices include 24% VAT and 5% Fixed Telephony tax

For fixed telephony and internet support click here.


For the detailed pricelist click here.
Ρricelist refers to nominal charges and not charges according to current offers. Prices upon offers expiration are adjusted based on pricelists.
Prices include 24% VAT and 5% Fixed Telephony tax that applies according to the 55th article of the law 4389/2016.


Business Telephony Business Add On
Μonthly Fee 37.50€ 22.99€
Monthly fee combined with mobile plan 33.75€ 22.99€
Voice Channels 2 2
Local and Long Distance Calls Free Of Charge Free Of Charge
National mobile networks and all international Zone 1 landlines 120' Free Of Charge -
Calls to Company Mobiles 3.16€/month Free OF Charge 3.16€/month Free OF Charge
  • Business Add On can be bundled only when a basic Business Telephony service is already active
  • For calls to WIND company mobile phones a fair usage policy of 1500 minutes/month applies
  • Prices include 24% VAT and 5% Fixed Telephony tax

files/1/Wind_Telephony.pngChoose now the add-ons & services that suit your company needs best!

Airtime Bundle of Basic Service Free Minutes Destinations Μonthly Fee
WIND 300 300΄ WIND / Q Mobiles 3,18€
WIND 1500 1500΄ WIND / Q Mobiles 8,01€
Business Mobile 300 300΄ All Greek Mobiles 16,00€
Business Mobile 600 600΄ All Greek Mobiles 30,00€
Business Mobile 1500 1500΄ All Greek Mobiles 72,00€
Business Mobile 2000 2000΄ All Greek Mobiles 89,99€
Business International 600 600΄ International Z1 landlines 30,00€
Business International 1500 1500΄ International Z1 landlines 72,00€
  • For Airtime Bundles of Basic Service (Business Double Play, Business Telephony, Business Add On) free minutes may be consumed from all the points of presence of your company
  • Talk Time is charged per minute. After the consumption of the embedded talk time, calls to national mobile numbers and international landlines are charged according to pricelist
  • Prices include 24% VAT and 5% Fixed Telephony tax
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