Business Double Play Basic with cost control

Telephony & Internet with cost control!

  • 1 voice channel covering your Telephony and Fax needs
  • Unlimited local and long distance calls
  • Unlimited communication between company mobile and fixed lines
  • Unlimited internet access 24MBps/1Mbps
  • Top quality e-mail & web hosting services through a Microsoft platform
  • €210 monthly charge limit, over monthly fee

And all this with:

  • A single WIND bill
  • The option to add more talk time to mobile and international networks
  • The option to upgrade internet speed up to 50Mbps
Business Double Play Basic with cost control
Monthly fee €44.50
Monthly fee combined with mobile plan €40.05
Voice Channels 1
Local and long distance calls Free
Calls to Company Mobiles* €3.16/month Free
Calls to national mobiles -
Internet 24/1
Microsoft Exchange e-mail, Web Hosting, Domain Name
Activation fee €35.29

*Proper use policy applies (see the detailed pricelist)

Customer support line 800 500 1277

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For more information on other calls and services charges, see the detailed pricelist, the other calls price list and the international premium rate price list (price lists do not include current offers).

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