Business Double Play Basic

For unlimited talk time to all and an always online business!

  • 1 voice channel covering your Telephony and Fax needs
  • Unlimited local and long distance calls
  • Unlimited communication between company mobile and fixed lines
  • Unlimited internet access 24MBps/1Mbps
  • Top quality e-mail & web hosting services through a Microsoft platform

And all this with:

  • A single WIND bill
  • The option to add more talk time to προς mobile and international networks
  • The option to upgrade international speed up to 50Mbps

Do you need even more for your communication?

  1. Discover the Business Double Play, for even more options!
  2. Combine Mobile & Landline & Internet in 1 and take advantage of WIND's unique offer
    Learn more here
  3. Learn more about Business Double Play Basic with cost control.


WIND offers you connection to the internet with speeds up to 50 Mbps, in over 100 areas in Greece. Check VDSL availability in your area and subscribe online. Learn more.

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