Business Office Antivirus

Business Office Antivirus

WIND enriches its Cloud services to businesses and professionals, with the Business Antivirus service.

The Business Office Antivirus ensures that businesses and professionals enjoy:

  • Pre-emptive protection for computers and file servers
  • Savings with minimal monthly cost and no need for investment or the purchase licences or software support cost
  • Web management platform,accessible from anywhere

Now, WIND covers business antivirus needs in real time, offering instantaneous updates. The Business Office Antivirus service offers end-point protection against malevolent attacks, successfully locating viruses (Trojans, dialers, spyware). The software works in the background, consuming few resources. Updates are automatic. Furthermore, the user has access to a web console, for the central management of all end-points, regardless of their physical position.

Benefits for the professional

Effective handling of antivirus security and system availability issues(Windows PCs, laptops, file servers), bringing an end to the headaches caused by viruses and malevolent attacks.

Special features - Advantages

  • Web management console

    All the user needs to monitor antivirus protection in all company PCs and change the settings is a browser and internet access.
  • Pre-emptive Antimalware protection

    100% effective protection for desktops and servers against known, unknoen and secret viruses, using heuristic technology. PRotection from malevolent files, e-mail, web pages and instant messages.
  • Flexible installation

    System administrators have a series of options for implementing security policies,with or without user participation. Users can participate in the installation process through a special distribution tool.
  • Managed Personal Firewall

    Firewalls for each PC are managed either through a web console or locally, through a user console, in case the administrator decides to grant rights to local users. The firewall includes application filtering, IPS (Intrusion Prevention System), pre-emptive protection from internet viruses, as well as the implementation of security policies for network zones.
  • User profile management

    System administrators can apply different security policies or profiles for each user or group of users, according to needs

  • Various management & monitoring profiles

    System administrators can grant administration rights to other privileged users, setting the PCs which they can manage.
  • Automatic updates/upgrades

    Instant update/upgrade of software, in case of a "zero day" attack. Update frequency can be set from the system administrator, through the central web console or locally, on demand.
  • P2P updates/upgrades

    To minimise bandwidth consumption, the nearest desktop can update the security software of the other workstations using a P2P connection.
  • In depth malware control

    The service includes a Malware Radar, which periodically checks the status of the entire local network.

For more information

  • Visit a WIND store
  • Contact the Corporate Sales Department of WIND by calling 1277 free of charge from a WIND corporate mobile or from a fixed phone at 800 500 1277