WIND Business Antivirus - Νew service

WIND Business Antivirus

Choose Business Office Antivirus and enjoy:

  • Protection from all types of malware and internet scams
  • Maximum Antivirus protection for Windows PCs, laptops & servers from known and unknown threats (viruses, worms, Trojans, spyware)
  • Always up-to-date protection with minimum cost
  • Easy management through a web console
  • The best solution in the marketplace for your business' computers

Choose Business e-mail Antivirus and enjoy:

  • Central filtering of all e-mail traffic, with unique security and control techniques
  • Special protection from targeted data theft through e-mail
  • Spam-free e-mail through spam filtering
  • The combination of maximum protection from malware and phishing threats, as well as spam with minimal monthly cost
  • Available e-mail , even in the case of malfunction (e-mail continuity through webmail with a backup available for 15 days)

For more information

  • Visit a WIND store
  • Contact the Corporate Sales Department of WIND by calling 1277 free of charge from a WIND corporate mobile or from a fixed phone at 800 500 1277