Service's features

Everything is everything you can do!

  • Access from any PC, any browser and any mobile device
  • Show map on full screen
  • Sub accounts creation
  • Links to all loggers temperatures (Euroscan,ThermoKing, Carrier)
  • Notification when outage battery, GPS antenna disconnect, move vehicle with engine switched off
  • Notification in case of overspeed which has been designated
  • Identification and monitoring of one or more vehicles simultaneously in real time
  • Choice of vehicles and routes information: distance / stop / speed route
  • Show real-time status of all vehicles simultaneously on one screen
  • Show real-time events of all vehicles simultaneously in a pop-up window
  • Display dynamic graphs with sensor values
  • Mass determination POI on the map with the definition of the user of the diameter of each point
  • SMS notification for movement outside or within defined boundaries
  • Find address and the nearest vehicle in this direction (imaging and kilometers)
  • Recording paths in history with all information up to 1 year
  • Fuel level monitoring
  • Monitoring temperature refrigeration chambers
  • Notification via voice call and SMS in case of emergency
  • Driver recognition -  immobilizer
  • Analysis tools and statistical information as:
    • Routes (starting point/destination)
    • Stop time
    • Consuming vehicles (fuel)
    • Speed (average, maximum speed)
    • Distance traveled per vehicle / driver
    • Information of sensors (e.g temperature refrigerators)
  • Interconnection with company information systems
  • Roaming feature

For more information

  • Visit a WIND store
  • Contact the Corporate Sales Department of WIND by calling 1277 free of charge from a WIND corporate mobile or from a fixed phone at 800 500 1277