SimpleFi On the go Top-up

Top-up your surfing time!

WIND offers you all the following packs to choose the one that is right for you!

WIND SimpleFi On the go with card:

Data Usage Time Session Top Ups (€)
2 GB 30 days €5
10 GB 30 days €10
15 GB 60 days €15
30 GB 60 days €25

Top Up:

If you consume your initial browsing time that WIND offers you with the activation, you can activate one of the above packs to continue surfing, upon your usage.

The browsing time renewal is immediate and equal to the renewal balance you will choose. There are two ways to top-up:

  • In WIND stores. Purchase top-up cards for Mobile Broadband top-up or e-Vouchers of €5, €10, €30 face value in WIND stores. Ask one of our colleagues to top-up your browsing time, by choosing an integer balance number.
  • Purchase top-up cards for SimpleFi On the go top-up or e-Vouchers of €5, €10, €30 face value.Send the 16-digit number via a free SMS from the Connection Manager to 1268 The service recharge is equal to the value you have chosen To get information on your remaining data usage, send a free SMS to 1228, with the command “balance”
  • You can also top up with a credit or debit card or through PayPal, here, quick and easy, without logging in.
  • Free MB are consumed per 1KB.
  • The free embedded data is valid ONLY for usage in Greece.
  • The service has no off-bundle charges.
  • After expiration of the embedded data usage, the service is barred until the next top-up.
  • The service does not support voice or SMS (except for the ones used for the service: 1228,1268, 1280). Data usage only.
  • To find out your MSISDN send “info” to 1280.