More than 60
subscription channels
Choices for all. Rich content including entertainment, sports, kids’ stuff, music, lifestyle & world news.
All Greek free-to-air channels
All nationwide and regional greek free-to-air channels are available on one environment along with the subscription channels, through WIND VISION’s Set Top Box ability to act as a digital receiver.
Enhanced program guide
Detailed information and images for every program as well as 3 unique navigation ways
Access to countless Android TV applications
Download applications for movies, sports, kids’ stuff, music, games and many more from Google Play Store and enhance your viewing experience.
Ability to display content 4K & HDR 10

Your TV program
is on your hands!

Up to 7 days catch-up
Did you miss your favorite program? No problem! You can now watch content up to 7 days back.
Your smartphone becomes
your remote control
Download the Android TV remote app (Android / iOS) and manage WIND VISION from your smartphone.
Restart live program
Did you miss the start? No, you didn’t! Restart the program and watch it from the beginning!
Voice search
Find what you want, using only your voice.

Your TV on
multiple devices

With WIND VISION you can now watch content at the same
time on your TV, your smartphone and/or your tablet.

Download WIND VISION app on your smartphone or tablet!
Log in using your myWIND credentials and enjoy your favorite content whenever and wherever you want!

To create a myWIND account, click here.

Everything on your
living room’s large screen

Discover the potential of Chromecast Your set-top box enables the wireless transmission of data. Display either your personal photos & videos from your smartphone or tablet, or various applications by pressing a single icon*.
Ability to connect to
external devices
Connect your USB stick or external hard drive to view files on your TV.
Connect your gamepad and play games, connect your wireless speakers and enjoy perfect sound while watching movies or listening to music, use cordless headphones to enjoy WIND VISION’s content even more. In addition, you can control your TV with a mouse and a keyboard.

Rich content:
channels and applications

Enjoy a huge variety of thematic channels

Countless applications, such as: