WIND triple play

Worry-free communication, for just €54 /month

1500' to all, 1500 SMS to all, 5GB
1500' to all (national mobile and fixed line networks)
VDSL Internet up to 50 Mbps
  • Free Mobile Internet up to three times a year, after exceeding the monthly data cap – LEARN MORE
  • Extendable Mobile Internet usage after consumption of embedded data with just 2€ per 100MBLEARN MORE
  • Free 120’ to all, every month. - LEARN MORE
  • Free 1GB every month. - LEARN MORE
  • F-Secure SAFE Internet Security. - LEARN MORE




  • My Mobile: 1500 mins from the fixed to the mobile line of Triple Play
  • My Fixed: 1500 mins from the mobile to the fixed line of Triple Play

The offer is valid forever.
Service is available if both lines are active.

F2G #crew


Είσαι ή έχεις κάποιον στην οικογένεια σου έως 20 χρονών;
Το καρτοκινητό F2G#crew, το πιο cool πακέτο επικοινωνίας, προσφέρει με 5,04€:

  • 1GB
  • 300’ προς όλους
  • Δυνατότητα δωρεάν κλήσεων ακόμα και χωρίς υπόλοιπο!

Connected Home

We evolve and offer you new possibilities through your WIND triple play!

Discover them here!

  • WIND triple play offer is the result of combining WPLUS, WIND Broadband and 1500 to All services, with added benefits.
  • Pricelists include nominal charges and not any current offer charges. Charges following the end of an offer are according to the pricelist.
  • Free national calls are towards numbers starting with "2" (e.g. 210 7654321, 2310 654321, etc.)
  • If VDSL is not available, ADSL speeds up to 24Mbps are offered.
  • * Limited time offer, while supplies last
  • All charges include VAT 24%.
  • Find out more about combining with F2G/Mobile Broadband.

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