Alternative Roaming Provider

From July 1st 2014 and according to EU Regulations, subscribers will have the option to choose (a) an alternative roaming provider for access to voice call, SMS and data (GPRS) roaming services, within the EU and (b) data roaming service (GPRS) directly from the destination network in an EU member state.

(a) Switching to an alternative roaming provider for access to voice call, SMS and data (GPRS), within the EU:

Switching providers for voice, SMS and data, while roaming within the EU is possible if the WIND Hellas subscriber (1) is connected to a WIND Hellas roaming partner (2) has activated the roaming service, is the legal owner of the account and has not asked for portability, (3) Has no WIND Hellas bills overdue (his balance is positive in the case of a prepaid account) and (4) has made a contract with the alternative roaming provider, who in their turn must have an agreement with WIND Hellas.

The subscriber has the option to choose between alternative roaming providers at any time and with no charge from WIND Hellas. The switch to an alternative roaming provider will require no sim card change and will be implemented within one working day (if there are no technical reasons for delay and subject to the roaming provider's response to the request). From the moment of the switch, the subscriber will receive voice call, SMS and data (GPRS) services, within the EU, from the alternative provider. The subscriber must address the alternative provider for any issue concerning the above services. WIND Hellas is not obliged to support roaming services offered by the alternative provider chosen by the subscriber. All relevant charges for the aforementioned services will be billed directly by the alternative provider, without WIND Hellas' involvement. WIND Hellas will not be responsible for these services, their quality or cost.

The subscriber will be able to cancel the roaming contract with the alternative provider at any time and return to WIND Hellas' roaming service. The contract may be canceled either through the alternative provider or a WIND Hellas store and will be implemented after one working day.

Following the cancellation of the alternative roaming provider's services or the expiration of the relevant contract, the subscriber will be billed through WIND Hellas, according to the WIND Hellas roaming pricelist for the EU that is valid at that time. If the subscriber had activated any WIND Hellas roaming offers for the EU, prior to the provider switch, the offers will have to be reactivated upon the subsctiber's return to WIND Hellas' services.

At the moment there are no available alternative providers.

(b) Buying data (GPRS) roaming services from a local provider, within the EU:

The roaming client will be able to choose a local mobile network, in an EU member state, to gain access directly to retail data roaming services, subject to the services being offered to the destination country and a roaming agreement between the destination mobile network's manager and WIND Hellas.

Service choice is direct, without delay, from the moment the subscriber is connected and has bought a data bundle from the local provider. For this service, the subscriber will be billed by the alternative provider. WIND Hellas will not be responsible for the service, its quality or cost.

The service concerns data internet traffic for use exclusively within the provider's home country (e.g. if the subscriber buys a bundle from WIND Italia, the bundle will only be valid for data traffic in Italy, while connected to WIND's network). To activate the service, the subscriber must connect to the provider offering the service in the roaming destination and change his device's APN to the pan-european APN reserved only for this purpose: EU APN. Other data services (Blackberry, MMS, VPN, etc.) will be provided by WIND Hellas (through the existing roaming service), by changing the APN in order to return to WIND Hellas. Voice, SMS and other relevant roaming services will continue to be provided by WIND Hellas.

After returning to Greece, the subscriber will have to change back the APN, in order to once again use the WIND Hellas data services.

Roaming to and from EU member states will continue to be offered to subscribers by WIND Hellas, according to the terms of the contract signed by the subscriber and the official WIND Hellas pricelist that is valid, according to EETT regulations.

In case of any relevant amendments to EU or national legislation or the EETT rules, WIND Hellas holds the right to amend or / and annul the above, according to the rules and legislation valid at that time.

For further information or clarifications, subscribers can call client support:

  • Individuals, 1260 from mobile and 6935601260 from a landline (€0,24/call)
  • Business clients, 1277 from mobile and 8005001277 from a landline, free of charge
  • Q subscribers, 1222 from mobile and 6995551222 from a landline (€0,24/call)

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