Roaming Charges

Ενιαίες χρεώσεις παντού!

Flat rate tariffs everywhere!

All WIND subscribers can enjoy flat rate tariffs for their roaming traffic (voice calls, SMS, Data/MMS use), without doing anything at all, and with no set-up fee!

For detailed information about EU roaming charges, call 1266 (free of charge in the EU / with roaming charges outside the EU).

Furthermore, since July 1st 2012 WIND offers you information of basic roaming charges via SMS (free of charge) every time you enter a foreign country or if you send “TARIFF” to 1266 (free of charge, unless you are connected to a satellite or maritime network) .

  • If you do not wish to receive the above notifications, send “OXI” to 1266 (free of charge) to deactivate them. Send “NAI” to 1266, anytime you wish to reactivate them .

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