Speeds up to 50Mbps
only with 6€/month!!

What more does WIND VDSL offer?


At least 3 times
faster download


At least 9 times
faster upload

Enjoy high speeds with
all your devices simultaneously online

Download a 2-hour long HD movie*
in 11 minutes or less

*File size is 3.5GB.

Download/upload data according to WIND network-internal measurements.

Is WIND VDSL available for me?

WIND VDSL is available in most Greek cities.
See if you can get it.

6€/month extra, to enjoy speeds of up to 50Mbps! Choose the Fixed program that suits you here:

WIND Broadband    WIND Double Play
Fill in your phone number
or can call us free at 800 5003333

Frequently Asked Questions

What is WIND VDSL?

It's the most modern version of DSL, for even higher downloading and uploading speeds. It is ideal for suvscribers who frequently stream media or download media, or connect more than one device (PCs, tablets, smartphones, smart TVs, Gaming consoles, etc.) to the internet simultaneously, as well as for anyone who wishes to enjoy the highest possible speeds.

Can I get WIND VDSL;

WIND has developed a dynamic tool, based on actual measurements, which calculates if you are eligible for WIND VDSL, using your address and available data about your line.

What factors are responsible for VDSL speeds?

The quality of the cabling of your residence and to your residence, as well as your residence's distnace from the distribution point.

  • * The offer is valid only for specific areas with WIND VDSL coverage and 20 € activation costs.
  • * The above price includes 24% VAT and Fixed Telephony tax.

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