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Read the detailed pricelist here.

The pricelists feature the nominal charges and not the current offer charges. After the offers expire, the charges are adjusted according to the pricelist. All charges include VAT 24%.

Additional services
WIND Mobile 3030’ every month towards all Greek mobiles. €3.03 activation fee
WIND InternationalUnlimited international calls. €3.03 activation fee The activation fee for the WIND International, National 120, WIND Fixed Unlimited services is €3.03. For calls to fixed destinations of Albania, FYROM (Skopje), Philippines and Serbia a fair usage policy of 400 minutes applies. Learn more
WIND Mobile 6060 minutes per month to mobile (GR). €3.03 activation fee
WIND VDSLInternet up to 50Mbps
The VDSL for €5 offer is valid for the first 6 months of service. Gollowing that and until the 24th month, price is €10. Subscription to the service for a minimumn of 6 months is required.
WIND Mobile 120120 minutes per month to mobile (GR). €3.03 activation fee
Static IPStatic IP Address Provided
WIND 300300 minutes per month to WIND/Q mobiles
WIND National 120120’ every month towards all landlines. €3.03 activation fee
WIND Fixed UnlimitedUnlimited national calls. €3.03 activation fee
iLoveTVΥour favorite TV characters, anytime, anyplace! Learn more
E-mail accountΕ-mail account (user@windtools.gr)
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