Visit this section to find an answer to every question you may have about F2G bundles, services, top up cards, credits consumption and anything else that may concern you regarding your F2G connection.

What is F2G Pay Later, and how do I use it?

Now you can communicate anywhere, anytime, even when your balance is not enough to activate a F2G Bundle!
With the new F2G service Pay Later, every time you are trying to activate the Bundle of your choice and your balance is not sufficient, you can activate the F2G Pay Later service, which lends you directly:

  • 40’ to all national destination in Greece or
  • 100’ & 100 SMS to WIND/Q or
  • 100MB Mobile Internet  or
  • 20 SMS to all national destination in Greece

ALL for a duration of 30 days!

Depending on the Bundle you tried to activate in the first place, and even if your balance is not sufficient, we automatically suggest an alternative, corresponding Pay Later Mini option, so you can cover all your communication needs and borrow the minutes, SMS or MB you need in just one step!

For example, if you try to activate the basic Talk 600  Bundle with 600’  towards  WIND/Q and your balance is less than €5, you are automatically encouraged to activate the Pay Later 100' & 100 SMS to WIND/Q mini option, without any further action!

The F2G Pay Later service (and any alternative use of it : minutes, SMS, MB) costs only €1, which is not deducted directly from your balance, even if the rest  of your balance is more than €1, but upon your next top-up, at no extra charge.

In order to be able to activate the Pay Later service, you need to:

  • Have topped up at least once within the last 30 days.
  • Have paid back any other SOS Recharge or Pay Later service that you have already enabled.
  • Have a balance at least equal to €0.01.


  • The Pay Later service is available to all F2G, Momad, WIND Card, WIND International & AB subscribers
  • Voice minutes, SMS & MB assigned via Pay Later are valid for 30 days
  • Voice minutes can be used also for video-calls
  • The minimum call duration is 3 minutes and then charge occurs per second
  • The MB are consumed per KB
  • Free minutes, SMS and MB cannot be consumed while roaming and with value added services
  • The Pay Later service is not available for the activation of bundles towards international destinations
  • Balance info is provided via 1265 & 1269 menus or via or the myF2G app
  • If you use the Pay Later service without having repaid the €1 service value, you cannot activate the SOS Recharge service
  • Free minutes, SMS, MB cannot be used & the service cannot be activated if the rest of your balance is not at least €0.01
  • When attempting to activate one of the Voice & More Talk to All Bundles, the suggested Pay Later option is 40 ' to All
  • When attempting to activate one of the SMS & More SMS Bundles, the suggested Pay Later option is 20 SMS to All
  • When attempting to activate one of the Data & More Data Bundles, the suggested Pay Later option is 100MB
  • When attempting to activate all other Bundles, the suggested Pay Later option is 100 '+100 SMS to WIND/Q

What should I know about the Data #3 Bundle?

• The Data #3 Bundle offers 6.5GB Mobile Internet

• The Bundle's activation cost is €17.5 and it has a duration of 30 days

• The Data #3 Bundle is activated up to 4 times every 30 days

• The MB are consumed per 1 ΚΒ

• The MB cannot be consumed towards value-added services

• The Data #3 Bundle cannot be combined with an existing Online Bonus

• Balance update via calling 1265 and 1269, by visiting or via the myF2G app

• Activation of the Bundle enables access to the MORE 2.50€ bundles 

• This option, in the event of low balance, and assuming the Pay Later service prerequisites apply, enables access to the Pay Later 100MB option

What happens when I use or accept Log n Win?

After the sending the gift the subscriber making a donation sees the gifts locked for 6 days & can only accept gifts from other subscribers, while the person who accepted the donation is able to accept more gifts, gift his own Log n Win or activate it for himself.

What more do I need to know about sending Log n Win gifts to other subscribers?

• Donations are only valid towards F2G subscribers (Momad, WIND International & AB) while the subscriber who accepts the gift is not required to be registered or have an account to

• Balance update is offered through 1269, & Myf2g App.

• The usage/duration prerequisites that are valid for Log n Win to date are still valid. The activation limitation of one Log n Win/7 days still applies (for personal activations and gifts).

• The prerequisite of a €10+ top-up within the last 30 days applies to the person who gifts the Log n Win and within the last 3 months for the Log n Win receiver is required.

• 2 SMS are sent to the recipient of the gift, the first concerning the gift activation and the second the mobile number of the gift sender.

What is the Blender Bundle?

It's a new, special Bundle, so you can have it all for just €8.50!

It's so simple! Activate the Βlender Bundle & communicate in every way without fear of going over the limit!

Now you can talk to all, send SMS & surf anytime you wish without paying anything extra, because the Bundle's available usage is turned into whatever you actually need to cover your own needs!

You can talk for up to 400’ towards all Greek networks, send up to 100 SMS to all or surf using up to 1GΒ.

  • The free talk time is consumed initially with 3 minutes minimum call duration and then per second & the free ΜΒ per 1 ΚΒ.
  • The Bundle's activation cost is €5.
  • The Bundle is activated up to 4 times per 30 days.
  • The Bundle unlocks the More Bundles.
  • The free minutes, SMS, MB have a duration of 30 days from Bundle purchase.
  • The free minutes, SMS, MB cannot be used while roaming and towards value-added services.
  • The talk time can be used towards all mobile and fixed networks in Greece.
  • Balance update is offered through 1269, & the myF2G App. The remaining balance is rounded down to the nearest whole number.
  • Any other minutes, SMS, MB at your disposal from other Bundles or Bonuses are consumed with priority, so you can enjoy the maximum benefit, as the Blender Bundle has a wider range of uses. E.g. if you have activated the 200’ to all Bundle and the Blender Bundle, and you talk to a Greek fixed telephone, the talk time from your 200’ Bundle will be used, and not the time from the Blender Bundle, so that the Blender Bundle remains at your disposal to surf or send SMS.
  • ATTENTION! To be certain that you get the maximum benefits and we don't round down your balance to your detriment, we can assure you that the ratio for subtracting minutes, SMS & MB is 2:1:5. For example, if you talk for 3' and 12" (for a total of 192"), your SMS & data balance will be lowered by 1,6 SMS (and not 2, although your balance will always appear rounded down) and only by 8 MB.

I just got my F2G package, how can I activate it?

In order to activate it, you will first have to visit a WIND store with your identity card and register your personal details. Then, your prepaid phone will be automatically activated once you make your first chargeable outgoing call. If you applied online, you need not visit a WIND store for identifying your phone. In this case, identification is performed when you receive your connection package.

What is F2G's current pricelist?

In order to view F2G's pricelist, click here.

How can I top up my airtime?

If your available airtime is running out, you can top it up in one of the following ways:

  • Scratch cards available in all WIND Stores, in kiosks and other small retail outlets. As long as you have obtained the additional Scratch Card, all you have to do is call at 1268 and follow the recorded instructions. You can also top up your prepaid account by sending the 16-digit number of a scratch card (with no spaces between the digits) via SMS to 1268. Alternatively, if you are registered to MyF2G you can top up (in the relevant section of the site) by entering the 16-digit code in the corresponding field.
  • At WIND Stores with any integer value or airtime, between just €12 and €50, with no codes or scratch cards.
  • With online top up via card or PayPal account.
  • At automatic teller machines (ΑΤΜ) of banks (National Bank – Piraeus Bank).
  • At Easypay automatic payment machines
  • By SMS Banking (Piraeus Bank).

How can I find out about my remaining airtime?

By calling 1269 toll-free, or by checking your myF2G account! Plus, you can download the MyF2G app on your Smartphone.

What are the available face values of top-up scratch cards?

You can choose between 4 different values of top-up scratch cards for WIND Prepaid Telephony airtime, from just €12! Specifically, there are cards of €12, €15, €20, €30 face value.

Available values include VAT & prepaid telephony tax equal to 12%. Prepaid Telephony tax is deducted at the moment of the recharge transaction.

How can I use F2G in order to communicate with all networks?

By activating the unique Talk to All & Data + Bundle, that offers 350’ to all networks + 350’ to Wind/Q , 40 SMS to all, 400 SMS to Wind/Q and 500 MB, with a BONUS of 50’ to all networks, 50’ to Wind/Q and 250MB with an activation cost of €10 and a duration of 30 days.

The Bundle can be activated up to 4 times every 30 days and its time is consumed in 1’’ increments, with a minimum charge duration of 3’. You can check your balance by calling 1265, 1269 and through

Your free minutes can be used for calls to all national networks, with the exception of value added services and calls while roaming.

This specific Bundle may be also be activated via Wind Stores, online, myF2G app, as well as by making a free call to 1265.

Which Online bundles can I activate through myF2G?

Click here to see all bundles you can choose.

I am a subscriber registered for the free minute or free MB top-up Bonus with top-ups of €10 or more. What should I keep in mind about my Bonus?

If you are a subscriber registered for one of the 2 F2G Top-up Bonuses up to 25/04/2013, you should know the following:

You have the following two alternative rewards for every top-up of €10 or more with your F2G Top Up Bonus:

  • free minutes towards all networks in Greece (Free2Talk) or
  • free ΜΒ Mobile internet (Free2Surf)

In more details, with every top-up of €10+, you can enjoy 300’ to all national networks if you have activated the Free2Talk Bonus or 500 ΜΒ for top-up of €10-€19 and 1.5 GB for top-ups of €20+, if you have activated the Free2Surf Bonus. Every Free2Talk or Free2Surf Bonus is awarded up to two times for every calendar month.

Starting from 01.05.2019, the cost of top-up bonus Free2Talk is €10. Subscribers, who are registered in Free2Talk, will receive the bonus of 300 minutes to all during the first two monthly recharges of 10€+. For the use of the service within 2019, a fee of €10 is deducted every months. Subscribers will receive 500 MB valid for 30 days upon fee deduction.

The calendar periods are defined as following:

  • 1st period: January to April
  • 2nd period: May to August
  • 3rd period: September to December

The cost is not applicable for the bonus Free2Surf. However if the subscriber switches from Free2Surf to Free2Talk, the cost of €10 will be applied at the first recharge of €12.

Please note that you cannot be registered in both types of Bonus at the same time.

This doesn't mean that you need to be registered with one Bonus type right before every top-up in order to enjoy your preferred Bonus. You need to register with one Bonus type just once (e.g. Free2Talk), in order to enjoy this type of Bonus (e.g. free minutes) with all your future top-ups. You simply have the flexibility to switch Bonus types whenever you choose, and benefit from your new Bonus type from that point on (e.g. Free2Surf-MBs). Switching from one Bonus type to the other is only possible through your myF2G account, by selecting the Bonus type of your choice. After choosing, you will keep benefiting from it, starting with your next top-up.

As long as you switch Bonus types through myF2G, there is no need to wait for a text message confirmation. A pop up window will appear, confirming your registration!

You can check which Bonus you have activated either via or by calling 1300 toll-free.

The free minutes to all national networks are valid for all mobile and landline networks in Greece. The free minutes do not include calls to value added services and calls while roaming, and they are consumed in 1’’ increments, with a minimum call duration of 3’. Free MB from Free2Surf cannot be used while roaming and are consumed in 1 KB increments.

The free minutes or MB are valid for 30 days from the last top-up and you are notified that the Bonus is active via SMS.

You can check your balance by calling 1300 or 1269 toll-free (providing information on the overall balance) or via myF2G.

If you top up with €10 or more, more than once within a 30 day period, the minutes towards all networks or MB are added to your balance. The minutes or MB from the Bonus that was activated first are consumed first.

Registrations for the Top-up Bonus have stopped and already registered subscribers maintain their full privileges, as well the ability to switch from one Bonus type to the other (Free2Talk or Free2Surf) via

Finally, these subscribers may activate the Talk 2 all bundle twice every 30 days and only through

What should I do in order to use WIND SOS Recharge?

In order to use the service, you must have topped up at least once during the last month.

What is the cost of the WIND SOS Recharge service?

The SOS Recharge activation fee is €0.47 and the extension amount you enjoy is €2.5.

As soon as you top up and the €2.97 is deducted from your new top-up, you will be able to use the SOS Recharge service once again.

What is the cost of the WIND Ring Me Now service?

WIND Ring Me Now is a service that allows all WIND subscribers to ask another WIND subscriber to call them even when they have no credit left. To use this service, just send an SMS to 54040 with just the phone number of the subscriber that you wish to receive a call from. 

The service is free of charge.

In case I don’t have Internet access, are there any Bundles I can activate by phone?

Sure! All F2G Bundles can be activated by calling 1265 toll-free. What you're missing, though, is the Online Bonus for every activation. That's why we suggest you make sure to always activate your bundles through"> or through the MyF2G App on your Smartphone.

How many times can I activate my Bonus for registering with myF2G?

You can activate your Βonus for registering only once, but at a time of your choosing, when you have run out of free minutes or when you need even more minutes available so you can talk with your friends. You just need to click the activation link and you will receive a Bonus of 300ʼ to all of WIND & Q, valid for 30 days. Remember that in order to use your minutes/SMS or ΜΒ from any Bonus or bundle, your SIM balance should be at least €0.01.

How can I check my remaining balance from my registration Bonus?

You can check your remaining balance, as well as all balances from top-ups, extra Bonus and bundles, through myF2G - under ‘Check your status’. You can also check your overall balance by making a free call to 1269.

How are the free minutes of the registration Bonus consumed?

The 300 free minutes are consumed per 1’’, with a minimum call duration of 3’ to all of WIND and Q, with the exception of services. In addition, they cannot be consumed while roaming.

How many times can I activate the store Bonus and what is required?

After every top-up of at least €12 at WIND & Public stores.

How do I register as a new user through the application?

If you are a new F2G user and you have not already registered via, you can register via the Mobile Application. Simply tap “Sign Up” and follow the procedure by entering your phone number. You will then receive an SMS with a temporary code in order to complete your registration safely. Next you will choose your desired username and password. Finally you can log in using your new credentials.

How do I log in to the application?

First you open the application and on the first screen you fill in your Username and Password in the specified fields.

I forgot my password for the application! What can I do?

Open the Application and in the first screen choose 'Forgot your password?'. Fill in your mobile number and the e-mail you used during your registration, and you will immediately receive all your details with an SMS. With your new credentials you are able to log in. Next you will be asked to change the temporary code sent to you with one of your choice! Your new credentials have been created!

What is free entrance to the application?

If you choose 'Free entrance' you will have immediate access to the latest offers as well as to the TOP Online bundles. Also, you can locate the nearest WIND Store. On the Tab 'Info' you can have easy access to all Social Media as well as useful telephone numbers.

Why don’t I  have access to General offers and Top Bundles via free entrance to the application?

If you choose 'Free entrance' and you cannot get access to General offers and Top Bundles, it probably means that you have not activated your internet connection, either via Wi-Fi or WIND mobile network.

What information does the Status screen of the application contain?

The Status screen contains all relevant information regarding your account's remaining credits as well as remaining minutes, SMS & MB. Also, you get information on Bundles you have already activated as well as their expiration date.

How can I top up via the Application?

It is simple! Enter myF2G app, go to top-up section, select or enter the amount and complete your top up with your credit card or your PayPal account. Otherwise, you can enter the code of scratch card on the respective section!

Why can't I get information on WIND shops far away from me via the application?

The functionality which is available via the application allows you to see only WIND shops near your current location. The device uses either GPS signal or Wi-Fi and WIND’s mobile network in order to find your current position.

Why don’t I have access to the nearest WIND shops via the application?

If you have an active internet connection and you are not able to see the nearest shops around your location, maybe you have deactivated location services on the settings of your mobile device. Activate location services and try again! In order to increase the accuracy inside closed spaces, without the coverage of GPS you will need to activate Wi-Fi for increased accuracy. If the problem insists please restart your device and try again in an open space where the device can have a GPS signal.

Is the MyF2G application free?

MyF2G application is available free of charge. For downloading and usage of the application via WIND’s private mobile network, data is being consumed and charged according to the subscriber’s data plan.

Can I log in to the application via a different mobile device?

Of course you can log in to the application via a different mobile device. You just have to use the credentials matching the account that you want to have access to! Here is one example: If you are a parent and your child has a prepaid F2G card, install the application on your device and check your child’s account via your cell phone! It's that simple!

Do I have to enter my credentials every time I want to log in to the application?

Τhe application saves the log-in information, whether you used Wi-Fi or WIND's network, so you don't have to enter it again.

Can I change my e-mail address in the application?

Of course you can! On the 'Settings' tab, enter your current password and your new e-mail address in the specified fields. After the change, do not forget to activate your new e-mail by tapping the link sent to your account.

Can I change my password in the application?

Of course you can! On the 'Settings' tab, enter your current password and the new one that you wish to use. Tap 'Change' and you just swapped your old password with a new one!

Can I register to WIND’s newsletter via the application?

Of course you can. You just have to open the 'Settings' tab and enter your e-mail on 'Newsletter registration' and choose the Newsletter (F2G or WIND) to which you want to register.

Why can’t  I register to the Newsletter via the application? And why does it say that I am already registered?

That is because you probably did register to the newsletter during your Sign-Up as a new user.

What do Informative Messages in the application mean?

You get informed immediately on the latest F2G offers and promotions. So keep this option  always activated  in order to get  the maximum out of the application!

How does WIND Ring Me Now work?

If you have insufficient balance, you can instantly notify your WIND friends, prepaid or contract, to call you back. You enter the telephone number that you wish to call you back and you simply click the “Ring Me Now” button. The service is available only for WIND Prepaid customers with remaining balance more than €0.01.

Which Smartphone operating system versions are supported by the application?

The application supports Android version 4.0.3 onwards, iOS version 9.0 onwards.

How is the Online Bundle free embedded use consumed?

On every Online Bundle, the free talk time is consumed per 1", with 3' minimum call duration, while the free MB are consumed per 1 KB.

The free minutes and the free SMS cannot be used towards value added services and all of the embedded use is not available when roaming. The Bundles including free SMS or minutes to all are towards all Greek mobile and landline networks.

In the case of bundle activation from the online environment, while the subscriber is already engaged in a voice or video call, consumption of the free talk time or the bundle's bonus talk time will commence with the next call.

What are the Log n Win gifts and how do they work?

Log n Win are gifts you're entitled to simply because you're a part of the F2G crowd! Every week, you can visit or the MyF2G App, and activate one of them at no extra cost. The only prerequisite is that you have topped up with at least €10 during the last 30 days.

The F2G "Log 'n' Win" gifts are 5.

20' to all networks, 20 SMS to all networks, 300 MB, 30' to all WIND & Q, 30 SMS to all WIND & Q

This way, you can get in total 80' to all, 80 SMS to all, 120 MB, 120' to WIND/Q, 120 SMS to WIND/Q, or any combination thereof, every month.

The free talk time is consumed per 1’’ with 3’ minimum call duration, while the MB are consumed per 1 ΚΒ.

The free minutes and the free SMS cannot be used towards value added services, or while roaming. The same holds for the free MB. The free SMS or minutes to all apply to all mobile and fixed networks within Greece.

Before the 7 days from the last online Log n Win activation are up, you cannot activate a new one. Moreover, every Log n Win has a duration of 7 days.

E.g. if you activate a Log n Win gift this Friday, you can return next Friday to activate the same one, or a new one.

Since 12/6/2014, if you are "full" of gifts, Bundles and offers you can gift the Log n Win to any of your F2G friends, regardless of whether they are registered or not to Respectively, your friends can gift you Log n Win.

Keep in mind that you can gift (if you don't activate it for yourself) 1 Log n Win every 7 days, while you can receive unlimited gifts.

What's the priority for consumption of the offers and F2G bundles I enjoy, and also the funds coming from top-ups?

Consumption priority:

1.     From embedded use towards the less wide destination (e.g. the 600 minutes towards WIND/Q)
2.     From embedded use towards all networks (e.g. 200' to all bundle)
3.     From embedded use of the Blender Bundle
4.     Funds Bonus (e.g. seasonal offer)
5.     From the available free € left on your balance (available funds from top-ups).

Please note: 
Plan consumption has been adjusted according to subscribers' needs: 
Between more than one offer/free minutes Bundle/SMS towards the same destinations, the first to be consumed will be the one that expires first - so that you are able to consume your minutes without them expiring
If you have activated the same offer/Bundle more than once, you enjoy the embedded use of your new Bundle added to the remaining use of your first Bundle. The remaining minutes/SMS/MB from each Bundle still have their own expiration date, but priority of consumption is given to the offer/Bundle that expires first, again so you can save as much as possible
If you have activated different offers/talk time or SMS Bundles towards the same destination, you enjoy a higher priority of consumption for the Bundle that expires first; the aim is to better serve your needs.

Sole exception to this third case only, is Mobile Internet. Regarding all Mobile Internet offers, the first to be consumed is Log n Win 30 MB & then the Mobile Internet Bundles: Unlimited Surf, Surf More, Absolute Surf, Pay Later 100ΜΒ & the old Talk & Surf Bundle (all with the same priority, depending only on which expires first). Following that, the 1GB bonus from in-stor top-ups of €10 or more is consumed. Afterwards, the Combo Value Bundle MB are consumed, after the 1500 MB from the student Bundle embedded use, then the F2G online connection Bundle Bonus (900 MB), the Free2Surf Bonus, and finally the old F2G Bonus that applied until February 2011 and offered free MB to top-ups upwards of €10. Please note that in the case of Mobile Internet also, the subscriber who has activated the same Bundle more than once, consumes first the MB from the Bundle/offer that was activated first.

For more information, see the F2G pricelist.

How can I top up my airtime online?

When you are running out of airtime, you can top up anytime you wish, easily, quickly, and safely online, in one of the following ways:

  • Using the 16-digit code on the top-up cards, which you can find at any WIND store, collaborating dealership, newsstand, and other retail spots, by choosing the “Online airtime top-up” option.
  • By buying airtime digitally using a credit card.
  • By buying airtime digitally using PayPal.

Which amount can I select to top up online the first time I use the service?

The amount, with which you can top up once you first log in to the online airtime top-up service, will range from €10 to €20, including in-between integer sums (e.g. €11, €13, €15).

What are the available top-up sums online?

The airtime top-up sums available to use start at €10 and go up to €50, and include all in-between integer sums (e.g. €11, €13, €16, €33), with the following prerequisites:

  • One month must have passed since your log in to myF2G.
  • You must have activated more than one bundle.
  • You must have topped up online more than once.

In order to have access to online top-ups of €20 up to €50, you must fulfill all 3 of the prerequisites above.

Please note: In any other event, you will only have access to online top-ups of €10 up to €20.

The maximum top-up sum cannot exceed €60 per 15 days, using the same credit card.

How often can I top up my airtime through the online top-up service?

You can top up online as many times as you like.

Which credit cards can I use to complete my transaction?

You can use any type of credit card that can be issued at a Greek bank, such as VISA, MasterCard, Diners Club, Maestro, American Express, as well as credit and prepaid cards, and PayPal.

Does the online top-up service cancel out the other top-up methods?

No. You can top up your airtime in any way you wish. The online top-up service is just one more way, created for your convenience.

Who can I contact if I have any problems during online top-up?

If you have any problems during your transaction, you can call 1260 from a mobile or 6935601260, and you can also ask your question on our Facebook page, “WIND F2G”.

Our representatives will be available to help you resolve any problems you might have.

Are Internet transactions safe?

At WIND, we recognize how vital security is, and we provide the most advanced and cutting-edge methods of safeguarding the transactions made through the Internet and by phone, as outlined in our security policy.

What is the online and in-store Top-Up bonus?

Top – up Bonus is valid for all WIND F2G and WIND Card to all prepaid subscribers.
For top – up 12€ - 14€ in store or online, the bonus gives 600 MB valid for 15 days with kb consumption.
For top – up 15€ - 19€ in store or online, the bonus gives 900 MB valid for 15 days with kb consumption.
For top – up 20€+ in store or online, the bonus gives 1,5GB valid for 15 days with kb consumption.

For every online top-up 10€+ with a credit, debit or prepaid card or PayPal account, extra bonus of 500 MB valid for 15 days is allocated.
MBs from Bonus cannot be consumed while roaming.
Top – up bonus is not valid for top-ups via ATM, Easypay or SMS Banking (Piraeus Bank).
Please note that the Top – up bonus is not valid for 16-code cards.

What is WIN CLUB?

WIN CLUB is a reward program for WIND prepaid customers. The owner of a WIND prepaid line collects WIN CLUB points, which can be redeemed towards gifts, such as free talk time, free mobile devices, etc.

  • You can become a member by calling 1263 and following the recorded instructions or by sending a blank SMS, for free, at 19088
  • You can be informed about the points you have collected, as well as their expiration date, by calling 1263 for free and following the recorded instructions or by sending a blank SMS, for free, at 19088

How can I learn about my WIN CLUB points balance?

You can learn about the program, redeem your points and be informed about your balance by calling 1263, free of charge from your mobile phone.

How can I Redeem my WIN CLUB points?

You can redeem your points towards free talk time or free mobile devices.

  • Redeem towards free talk time by calling 1263 for free and following the recorded instructions or by sending an SMS, for free, at 19099 with the number of points you want redeemed (e.g. 300). The amount is automatically entered in your talk time balance. Remaining points stay available for you to use in a future date.
  • To redeem towards a free mobile device, visit a WIND Store, carrying with you your ID card or passport and your prepaid phone. The phone is necessary for the completion of the process.

How many WIN CLUB points do I get for each top-up?

  • You win 50 points upon registration.
  • You win 2 points for every €1 of talk time.
  • You win 2 points for every SMS.
  • You win 1 point for every text, voice or MMS WIND service you receive (ringtones, weather, video, news).
  • You win 30 points for each year you are a club member.
  • Points are valid for 2 years. You will be informed one month in advance, via SMS, for expiring points.

Can I transfer the WIN CLUB gift to a friend or relative?

The only gift you can “transfer” is a device, by redeeming your points, getting it and gifting it to whoever you want. If you choose the free talk time you can’t transfer it to another person.

What are the Internet and MMS settings for my device?

In order to set up your phone, please open the relevant files below and follow the instructions.

Can I call emergency numbers (e.g. 100, 199) if calls from my prepaid phone are barred?

No, but you can call "112", the pan-european emergency number.

Can free talk time and free SMS be used towards value-added services?

No, they can only be used towards destinations described in each bundle. Free SMS cannot be while roaming or towards short codes.

What services are available when abroad and how can I stay informed about my balance?

The following apply when you are abroad:

F2G Customer Care: +30 6935601260
Talk time top-up: To top up your talk time when roaming, use on of the following methods: 1)Text a 16-digit top-up code (take care not to leave any spaces between numbers!) at 1268. SMS to 1268 is free of charge. Charges apply for use of the roaming partner's network. 2) Call 0030 693 5601268 from a landline or WIND postpaid line and follow the recorded instructions. 3) Ask a third person in Greece to purchase a top-up card and either call 693 5601268 from Greece or give you the top-up code, or to visit a WIND store and top up yur number from there. 4) Log in to myF2G and top-up using your credit card or PayPal account or the 16-digit code, if you have a top-up card. 7) Purchase on-line a 16-digit code through Viva and connect phone.

Balance information: Learn about your remaining talk time while roaming: 1) by sending a blank SMS at 1269. SMS to 1269 is free of charge. Charges apply for use of the roaming partner's network. 2)Through MyF2G

Roaming charges and partners information: Through

What is the minimum amount needed in my balance in order to make a call?

There is no minimum amount needed in your balance in order to make a call. You can use your embedded usage of voice minutes even if you have 0,00€ remaining balance.

What is the minimum amount needed in my balance in order to use an offer or a bundle's embedded talk time, SMS or data?

You will need to have at least €0.01 in your balance.

How can I stay informed about my balance?

You can stay informed about your balance through, the Myf2g App, as well as though a call to 1269 (free of charge)

What is the special offer on my Prepaid card when combined with WIND’s Fixed & Internet plans?

  • Combine your prepaid mobile number with WIND’s ONE or a WIND Fixed & Internet plan and get 120 free minutes to all national numbers on your prepaid number as long as your Fixed line remains active in WIND network.
  • Free minutes are granted every month according to basic Prepaid terms and conditions and they are assigned every 1st day of the month. You will receive a confirmation SMS upon their assignment, upon their consumption and upon their expiration.
  • Free minutes have 30 days validity and any remaining balance has no roll over functionality.
  • In case of low balance in your prepaid account, 0,01€ the offer will not be assigned that month. Once you reload your account, next month you will receive the offer.
  • A new subscriber coming from another network (Mobile Number Portability) will have to remain in WIND’s network for 6 months and then he will be eligible to participate to this offer.
  • Free minutes can be consumed to all mobile and fixed numbers within Greece.
  • The airtime value available from the activation date is valid for 2 months, and the WIND prepaid connection pack life is valid for 12 months.
  • If you consume the given airtime before the predefined validity period of 2 months, you will be able to accept calls and place only.
  • emergency calls (ie Police, Fire Brigade, etc) until the end of the validity period. Τo continue making calls and enjoying your free offer you will have to renew your balance at least once every 2 months.
  • If the preloaded airtime is not consumed within the predefined validity period of 2 months, the remaining airtime is deleted automatically.
  • Once your predefined SIM validity period of 12 months has expired, your outgoing calls are barred automatically. Since the barring date, you have another 35 days to renew your airtime, otherwise, your WIND prepaid number is automatically deleted.

What is Data Rollover?

Now you can transfer your unused data at the bundle you will activate next month. All you have to do is to activate the same bundle before the first bundle expires and your data will be transferred to the next bundle.


  • Data rollover is applied only to the following bundles:
    ● Talk to All & Data (350’ to all, 750ΜΒ, 350’ to WIND/Q and 35 SMS)
    ● Τalk to All & Data + (400’ & 40 SMS to all, 400’ & 400 SMS to WIND/Q & 750 MB)
    ● Talk to All & SMS & Data (650’ to all, 2GB, 650’ to WIND/Q, 100 SMS to all and 650 SMS to WIND/Q)
    ● Data #1 ( 1 GB)
    ● Data #2 (1.5 GB)
    ● Data #3 (6.5 GB)
  • The rollover feature for bundle Talk to All & Data, Talk to All & Data +, Data #2 is provided by bundle’s activation from all available channels (, myF2F App Store WIND / Public, 1265).
  • The rollover feature for bundles Talk to All & SMS & Data, Data #1, Data #3 is provided by activation of the bundle only through myF2G App and not through the other available channels.
  • The only prerequisite for enjoying the rollover feature is to activate the same bundle before its expiration.
  • Rollover feature is applied only to bundle’s data and not to minutes or SMS.
  • Rollover is available until the last day of the bundle’s expiration.
  • Rollover has no extra charge.
  • Balance update is provided through & Myf2g Application as well as call 1269.
  • Nothing changes regarding the way is consumed the embedded bundle’s usage.