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Where Will You Find A F2G Connection Package?

Are you a free type? Then you are Free2Join F2G!

You can become a member of F2G’s big family quickly and easily, only within 3 days, without changing your number & enjoy myF2G special privileges!

Make your order online, visit a WIND store or call 13846 from your mobile phone, free of charge

  • Extra 500 MB bonus for every online top up of 10€ or more
  • Super Online Bundles and exclusive offers

VAT 24% is included on the prices mentioned.


  • The airtime value available from the activation date is valid for 2 months, and the WIND prepaid connection pack is valid for 12 months.
  • If you consume the given airtime before the predefined validity period of 2 months, you will be able to accept calls and place only emergency calls (ie Police, Fire Brigade, etc) until the end of the validity period. To continue making calls you will have to renew your airtime.
  • If the preloaded airtime is not consumed within the predefined validity period of 2 months, the remaining airtime is deleted automatically.
  • Once your predefined SIM validity period of 3 months has expired, your outgoing calls are barred automatically. Since the barring date, you have another 35 days to renew your airtime, otherwise, your WIND prepaid number is automatically deleted.