You've run out of talk time, but not out of things to say!

When your talk time has run out, all you have to do is go online to myF2G or here and top up with your credit card or your PayPal*  account!

You can also get yourself a top-up card from any WIND store partner network shop, kiosk or small outlet.

You then have to scratch the card so that the 16-digit code at the back of the card appears, and select the way you want to top up! Log in to myF2G now!

* You may encounter problems when trying to top up using PayPal, due to the implementation of the legislative act on capital controls (Official Gazette, F.E.K. A65 / 28.06.2015). In that case, please use your credit or debit card.


  • Through
    mobile phone

    Call 1268 from your mobile phone (free of charge) and type in the 16-digit code, following the instructions.

  • Online
    without logging in

    Top up online with no fuss, only with your mobile number, through your credit, debit card or your Paypal account.

  • Through SMS

    Send the 16-digit code (with no spaces in between) from your mobile phone via SMS to 1268 (free of charge)

  • Through myF2G

    Log in to myF2G and top up with your credit card, your PayPal account, or by typing in the 16-digit code of your F2G card.


If you don’t want to use top-up cards or codes, then you can top-up:

Instant top up at a WIND store, from 12€ to 50€
At a National Bank or Pireaus Bank ATM
Through Pireaus’s Bank SMS Banking (for more information click here).
Through Pireaus’s Bank winbank web banking.

In case you are abroad and have not bought an additional Scratch Card beforehand, a friend can help you top up your airtime by calling 693 5601268 & following the recorded instructions.
Through Pireaus’s Bank winbank phone banking.
Through Pireaus’s Bank winbank mobile app.
Through Pireaus’s Bank winbank mobile banking.
Through Pireaus’s Bank easypay.

VAT and prepaid tax (12%) are included in all prices, above.