Airtime Renewal now!

Scratch Cards of different value,so that you can select the exact amount of airtime you require that better fits your needs.

More specifically, the scratch cards contain the following airtime value:.

All airtime renewal scratch cards are valid for 2 months. Note that all the above rates include VAT and prepaid tax 12%.

Airtime Renewal

In order to renew your airtime, just scratch the relevant surface at the back of the airtime renewal scratch card to reveal the 16 digit code. Then:

  • Sign in to myF2G and fill in the 16-digit code..
  • Call 1268 from your mobile phone (free of charge) and follow the pre-recorded instructions
  • Send a SMS to 1268 from your mobile phone (free of charge) with the 16 digit code as the text of the message (without spaces).