Tap & Get it

The most "gamified" way to win data and not only is here!

Exclusively available through myF2G app! How? Simply with your airtime recharge!

The steps you have to follow are simple:


Make a recharge top up over 12€ as to unlock a "Tap & Get It".


Get into myF2G app to redeem it. You have 7 days!


Tap to find all available gifts and get which suits you more!

Get into MyF2G app and discover it!


  • The "Tap & Get It" service is available exclusively through F2G mobile application, myF2G.
  • Subscribers will receive an informative SMS after their recharge that a Tap & Get it has been unlocked.
  • Subscribers can visit Tap & Get it and select one of the available prizes up to 7 days after their recharge.
  • The prizes that a subscriber can win vary according to their recharge value. There are 3 available gift tiers:
    • Silver tier: Available for recharges between 12-14 €
    • Gold tier: Available for recharges between 15-19 €
    • Platinum tier: Available for recharges from 20 € or more
  • The gifts offered on each tiers are as follows:
    • Silver tier: 300MB for 15 days or 500MB for 7 days or 1.024MB for 3 days or 10 flames
    • Gold tier: 500MB for 15 days or 1.024MB for 7 days or 1.536MB for 3 days or 25 flames
    • Platinum tier: 1.024MB for 15 days or 1.536MB for 7 days or 2.048MB for 3 days or 50 flames
  • The service will be available from Thursday 7/2.
  • Balance update is provided through & Myf2g Application.
  • The MBs are consumed per KB.
  • MBs can not be used during roaming.