The brand new myF2G App is here
with Bonus 500MB!

Download now the renewed myF2G Application, enjoy all the new features we designed for you and surf with the free data we offer you!

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Discover what you can do with the renewed myF2G App:


Make your own list of favorite bundles by selecting the “heart” indication, so you can activate them with just one click.


Have everything you’re searching for with a single click! The app’s new handy menu helps you find the bundle that suits you more easily than ever before.


Check your balance of airtime, SMS and ΜΒ at a glance so you can have easily and fast the control of your connections.


Get access to APPclusive packages & APPclusive offers you will not find elsewhere.


Top up your balance simply... with your voice! Now you can!


Διάλεξε profile pic για τους myF2G accounts σου για να μπορείς να τους ξεχωρίζεις με μια ματιά και να επιλέγεις εύκολα αυτόν που θες να διαχειριστείς κάθε φορά.

Download it here