Now, with every top-up of €5* or more, you automatically get 1500’, valid for a whole month, towards your Magic Numbers. All you have to do is register your favorite WIND & Q numbers!

Stay close to your buddies with 1500' free towards 3 phone numbers!

Now, with every top-up of €5 or more, you get 1500’ of talk time towards up to 3 Magic Numbers! Choose your top 3 buddies and build your own Magic Circle! Spread the news!

Follow the simple steps below!


Login to myF2G and top up your airtime with €5 or more.

Top up now Join F2G


Fill in your first Magic Number, at the relevant field, and get 1500 free talk minutes, valid for 30 days.


A month later, return to myF2G and register your second Magic Number. After 3 months, your Magic Circle will be complete and you will communicate for free with 3 of your buddies!

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  • Any WIND or Q prepaid or postpaid mobile number can be registered as a Magic Number.
  • A subscriber can have up to three (3) Magic Numbers.
  • Μagic Numbers activate every 30 days, with a minimum top-up of €5* each month. The €5 stay in your balance.
  • When you activate all 3 Μagic Numbers, all you will need to do, in order to automatically get 1500' with a duration of 30 days towards them, is to top up each month with at least €5*.
  • Keep in mind that every time you top up with at least €5, 1500' to your Magic Numbers are added to your balance. The 1500' are not awarded towards each of your Magic Numbers but towards all of them.
  • To continue talking for free with your Magic Numbers and keep using the service, you will have to top up with at least €5 each month.
  • In order to use the service, it has to be active, meaning that you are required to have topped up your account with at least €5 during the previous 30 days. IF you don't top up during a month, you will neither be able to communicate for free with your Μagic Numbers, nor activate a new one or change an existing one.
  • Once registered, a Magic Number cannot be changed for a period of 30 days. The 30 day window is independent for each of the registered Magic Numbers.
  • Each Magic Number remains registered until changed by the subscriber.
  • Free talk time will no longer be valid for a registered Magic Number that switches to another network or is deactivated. However, you will not be able to change the number until the 30-day period is over.
  • The option to deactivate your Magic Numbers is not available.
  • Free talk time to your Magic Numbers is consumed before free talk time from bonuses, offers or bundles.
  • Free talk time is consumed per second, with a minimum call duration of 3 minutes.
  • Free talk time is valid for 30 days from topping up.
  • Free talk time cannot be consumed while roaming.
  • To use the free talk time you must have at least €0.01 to your balance.
  • Balance information is available through 1269 (option 3), & the Myf2g Application
  • Magic Numbers are activated sequentially every 30 days, as long as you top up with at least €5 each month or time period if you don't top up during sequential months. If you don't sequentially activate your Magic Numbers during a three-month period, a top-up of 10€* during the previous 60 days will be required in order to activate your second Magic Number and a top-up of 15€* during the previous 90 days will be required in order to activate your third Magic Number. For example, if you activate your first Magic Number and during the next 2 months you don't top up your balance, you will need to top up with at least €10 in order to activate your second Magic Number. If you top up with only €5, the free 1500' will only be valid towards your first Magic Number and you will not be able to activate your second Magic Number. * The minimum top-up values of €5, €10, €15 are part of a promotional offer, valid until 31/05/2018.