Data Rollover

F2G gives you the chance to transfer your unused data to the next bundle you will activate!


  • Data rollover is applied only to the following 2 bundles: NEW Talk to All & Data (350 'to all, 750MB, 350' to W / Q and 35 SMS), Data # 2 (2GB).
  • The rollover feature for bundle NEW Talk to All & Data is provided by bundle’s activation from all available channels (, myF2F App Store Wind / Public, 1265).
  • The rollover feature for bundle Data #2 is provided by activation of the bundle only through myF2G App and not through the other available channels.
  • The only prerequisite for enjoying the rollover feature is to activate the same bundle before its expiration.
  • Rollover feature is applied only to bundle’s data and not to minutes or SMS.
  • Rollover is available until the last day of the bundle’s expiration.
  • Rollover has no extra charge.
  • Balance update is provided through & Myf2g Application as well as call 1269.
  • Nothing changes regarding the way is consumed the embedded bundle’s usage.